Monday, 24 May 2010

Craft Group tonight!

Craft group is on again tonight, 7:30pm at the Post Office Hotel.  See you there! Bring a friend or 2, the more the merrier.  Knit, sew, create, mend - plus you can have a glass of wine or cup of coffee at the same time!  Or if you are hungry or ran out the door without dinner - you can order yummy turkish food from Antalya across the road.

If you like knitting - take a trip to the Yarn Barn -  in Reynard St. Coburg, an Aladdin's cave of wool in every colour of the rainbow - and more!


  1. Hi

    I finally got around to finding out about this craft group. I was surprised that it moved from the Library to the pub :)

    Anyhow, I just wanted to check that the next meeting would be on the 7th June? Is that right?

  2. Hi Karin, yes we are trialling a move to the pub - without daylight saving it is a bit dark and dreary to stand out in the mall knocking on the door of the library meeting room until someone hears and lets you in! I can probably only get there about 8:30 or later due to another meeting, hope to meet you then!


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