Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Candle light

I made some little candle holders last week, from an idea my sister gave me. Turned out ok I think, still have to experiment a bit more with different glue to hold the end of the string. Finally found a good use for the little charms I have collected from craft shows over the last year or two!

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Craft on TV

"Making it Handmade" is a documentary about craft in Australia, featuring interviews with Pip Lincolne & Gemma Jones - from the ABC tv website-

**Think craft is for grannies? Think again. Watch Anna Brownfield's documentary Making It Handmade...

A seditious and subversive subculture is gaining momentum in Melbourne. But rather than wielding megaphones and placards, they’re cross-stitching slogans on hurricane wire and constructing plush female genitalia from craft supplies.

Following four local women who’ve taken a seemingly staid past-time and injected it with a youthful, modern aesthetic, filmmaker Anna Brownfield shows a side of craft more closely aligned with punk DIY culture than with Martha Stewart and ‘home sweet home’ tapestries.

“I wanted to show that craft was no longer daggy but had moved into a new era and was being reclaimed by women who had been brought up as feminists."**

Set your recorder - it is on ABC 2 at midnight tonight!

P.S. look what I found at a garage sale last weekend!

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Christmas tree birdies finished and hanging on the tree! Actually went for a colour scheme on the tree this year- blue and silver- the birds provide a bright splash of colour! Quite fun to sew actually- don't look to closely 'cos my hand sewing is rubbish- but I am very pleased with these birds. Might inspire me to make some more critters from the same book.

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Little birdies ready to sew...

Had a mini "crafter noon" with a friend's daughter after school on Friday, we did some sewing from my "Crafty creatures" book. Miss E made a tiny felt fox in a box, while I cut out some birds to sew - might hang them on the Christmas tree. There was a pattern for a simple bird "4 calling birds" in this year's "Better Homes" mag I think, but I think these will look better once they are stitched up with a range of bright embroidery threads.

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