Friday, 21 July 2017

Sewing like greased lightning!- AND sewing bee FINALLY back on tv!

Nothing like being told at 5:15  that "remember these cuffs are too long mum" when the teen trumpet player is getting dtessed for 5:40 lift to play in the school production!  Aaarrrgghhh!

AND in very exciting news- purely by chance I googled " Great British Sewing Bee Channel 9" and discovered- would you believe it!- that Ch 9 actually started showing the sewing bee THIS AFTERNOON!!! Series 1 episode 1 was on today, the rest  is on every weekday next week at either 3pm or 2pm ( annoying random time changes, can't set the timer for daily!). Days & times in the screenshot here- can't wait to finally watch it!!!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Crafty coincidence?

I had a quick browse in Savers today, looking through the fabric, patterns,  and craft book section (yep, I did not look at the clothes at all!) Well I was wearing my new favourite (yet to be blogged) top I made from fabric found on my last trip to Savers, plus a scarf made from a silk scrap found at the nearby Don Bosco op shop!

I spotted this funky piece of Ikea fabric, I liked it but it didn't have a price on it,  so I left it and headed over to the books while I thought it over.

 I found quite a lot of interesting looking craft books, so I stacked them on a nearby table to sort through.  I weeded out a few, and kept 2 on pattern making/ fitting, and this book of assorted projects ( clothes, bags, gifts, quilts etc) which as some nice patterns.

I like these 2 simple strip quilts. Definitely planning on making more quilts now I have made my first!  

But imagine my suprise when I spotted this cushion pattern in the book- just look at the fabric used, the very same Ikea fabric I had just looked at!!! 
I figured it was a sign, so I went back & took the fabric off the shelf (turns out it was $5 which I think was more than the book cost!!!)   Might just have to make it into a cushion! 

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Retro styled bowls

How cute are these retro scandi styled glass bowls? Spotted in Hot Potatoes bargain store, Sydney Road Brunswick. Note the cheeky description " inspired by pyrex" on the label!

* Unfortunately I couldn't get to the Fabric Restash event yesterday, as I have come down with a rotten cold. So instead I spent yesterday on the couch. sneezing & reading ( "An echo in the bone" an outlander novel, which finished mid action so now I sooo need the next book!!).