Thursday, 26 September 2013

Yarn bombing at the Melbourne Show

Cold and windy at the show today, but had a great day out and only got rained on once. Came home & put the heater on for the first time in ages, crazy spring weather! Loved all the yarn bombing, craft and cooking at the show. And the animals- spent quite a bit of time in the animal nursery feeding the baby goats! Sooo tempted to bring one home!!!

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Perler bead creations

The boys & I have had fun with perler beads- thanks to Polly's Crafts in Queensland, about the only place in Australia you can still buy them! I made creepers badges for the party bags last week - perler bead creations with a brooch back glue- gunned to the back. The Jedi kid got in on the act and made a range of other minecraft goodies too! The poke all looks particularly awesome!

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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Minecraft birthday cake!

With a lot of inspiration from "YoYoMax" on YouTube - here is our version for Tigerboy's birthday party yesterday. I baked the choc cake, made the blue jelly, rice bubble slice and butter cream icing - and my H did the rest! Steve & creeper are cardboard, the rest is all edible. Amazing Minecraft printables and party game ideas from the "I choose awesome" blog- thank you, love your work, all those pdf's! (Plus some very inspiring reading about teaching and the creative use of IT at a Sydney high school)

Party was a big hit, everyone had a great time, as one of the guests was leaving, her big brother looked through her party bag and declared it was "the best party bag" he had ever seen! What was in it? Some lollies from the piƱata, plus home made: creeper badge, minecraft bookmark & stickers (again, big thanks to the Ichooseawesome blog!).

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