Thursday, 24 November 2011

What great big ears you have...

Meet the newest member or our family - Merlin (or possibly Merlyn-with-a-y, it is tricky to tell with young rabbits!I have consulted the oracle of You-tube, the 3 staff at the pet shop, and am still not entirely sure if it is a he or a she!). But he/she is very cute, loves a cuddle, licks everything & everyone in sight, and will has yet to grow into those ears!

ALSO - craft group will be at the PO again next Monday . I hope a few people turn up again, I won't be able to make it this time, but please don't let that stop you!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Yarn bombing + a milestone

Well it is a couple of weeks on, and still brightens my day every time we walk to school! The blue section was a bit loose, but the mysterious yarn bomber (or a like-minded soul) came back with some black cotton and re-stitched it nice and firm. I love the gorgeous bright colours - a semi-permanent rainbow out the front of the school!

I only just realised - this is the 100th post for the Coburg craft stuff blog! Yay! I should have made a cake!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Entertaining the family...

You know I love my girls, so when the rain started bucketing down this evening, it was blowing straight into the chook house, and we were worried that it would get all wet inside (and might damage the amazing self-feeder device my H built the other weekend). So I donned a raincoat and braved the rain to go and shut the door, thinking the girls were all inside. But no - of course the cheeky things came running out again as soon as I came out the back door, hoping I might have food for them!
They would NOT go up the ramp and back inside, so with the rain pouring down ( and my H and the boys watching out the dining room window) I proceeded to let the chooks out into the back yard - of course they jumped at the chance to run out and eat some fresh grass, never mind the weather! - I shut the door and gate behind them, because I knew it would be quicker to catch them and put them in the chook house through the back door (where we put the food in and collect the eggs) than wait all night in the rain for them to go in by themselves. The first 2 were easy - I scooped them both up together and shoved them in the door, but the other 2 I had to chase around the back yard one at a time! The last one (tricky to tell them apart when they are wet, but I'm guessing it was Amy because she is the smartest and cheekiest) put up a bit of a chase around the yard. Of course the boys inside thought it was hilarious, but hey, it worked!

PS craft group is back on this Monday night, 7:30pm at the PO.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

still sewing...

Still sewing for the craft stall this Friday, just finished a sign for the cupcakes stall. Missed the cup completely- I thought it was on about 3:20 (well it always used to be - just before school finished. When I was teaching in Mildura, I remember the teachers put all the kids in the library to watch the race on tv!). But we did manage to use up some of the lovely lemons I had been given, and the kids helped make a small batch - 3 jars- of lemon butter, and 2 bottles of lemon cordial! Very yummy, I have never made any sort of jam before (does lemon butter count as a kids of jam?), so it was quite exciting! I took some photos but have not had time to load them on yet.
We did go for a quick walk down to school to check out the yarn-bombed parking sign out the front. My H was walking past on his way to work this morning & spotted it, so he rang up to ask "which one of my buddies has yarn-bombed the school?"- I don't know, but it is a gorgeous rainbow up the post. Must remember to get to school a bit earlier in the morning to see people's reactions!!!