Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Homemade muesli bars

I have been looking for a muesli bar recipe for ages. One for a crunchy, nutty, seedy bar* just like a bought muesli bar. But none are quite right.
Too soft.
Too cakey.
Too crunchy.
Falls apart - ends up looking like granola!

But I think I have nailed it with this recipe from River Cottage.

Although I omitted the chilli and rosemary, & opted for pink salt instead.
I used 200g pepitas,and added 100g slivered almonds
The rice malt syrup was the winner, the perfect " glue" for homemade muesli bars! Yummy, just right consistency. They hold together just right. Not too sweet, nice and crunchy. A definite winner, will make them with cranberries next time!
* that is to say I have been looking for a muesli bar recipe which is not like one of those budgie treat bars you hang in a bird cage, as opposed to looking for a dodgy pub!!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Quick make over

I got a little bit of sewing done this week - ploughing through the basket of repairs & minor " finishing off" jobs.  These 2 calico bags have been hanging around for a while, I wanted to cover up the branding printed on them.
A piece of Aunty Cookie fabric and a rainbow patch piece  sewn up as a test run for the rainbow cushions I made last year ( it was too small for what I needed) did the job.  Much nicer than the branded bags!