Thursday, 15 November 2012

The school fete has taken over my life!!!

...and doing the roster is doing my head in!!! Normal transmission will resume AFTER THE FETE!
But please do come along - Sunday 25th November 10-4pm, Coburg West Primary School, Reynard St Coburg.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cup day = craft day

Over the last couple of years  I have managed to do some sewing on Cup day, and had something new to wear to work the next day. Plans to make a skirt or too today, but haven't quite  got there yet.  Baked  a carrot cake in my dazzlingly shiny oven (my  wonderful husband had a day off yesterday and cleaned  the oven, can you believe it? I can actually see in the oven door now, for the first time in years! And the racks are actually silver, who would have known!)
I did manage to tidy up the one spot on the crowded shelf where my craft books are, and cut out some more zombie felt critters for the school fete ( which is so close now it is not funny). Cut out a couple of sets of bunting to decorate stalls at the fete but it is still sitting and waiting on the sewing machine.
The boys had a friend over, and they played around with the hama/meltable beads making "Minecraft" keyrings. Cool stuff -  if anyone is heading over to Ikea soon, let me know - they sell the  melty beads by the bucket apparently!

Have to make a Pokemon dress up outfit for an upcoming birthday party, and a birthday present for the birthday girl, planning on making another of these...

I have made about 6 of these drawing sets now, they make a great birthday present. With this one I also included a terrific "Paint your own babushka doll" set from blank. I love their stuff!  Bought some more lovely things from them at the Finders Keepers Market last month - end of year teacher's presents!
So now I will watch the Cup, and then maybe get to the sewing machine!