Thursday, 27 December 2018


I am sooo far behind with posts here! Here is the finished costume, complete with tesseract!

The tesseract is a plastic storage cube bought from kmart years ago, with a set of  reject shop battery operated led lights inside.
Black pleather op shop pants. T shirt top stretched a bit so will probably remake. Very happy with pieced pleather vest/ chest piece. Used some fabricy- foam material from Rathdown remnants ( pretty much all fabric purchased from there for this make!) to add just the right amount of " body" to the vest.

The cape is s straight rectangle of black lining cloth, lined with green, gathered at the top. Attaches to the back of the shirt with velcro.

Op shop belt was the perfect shape!
Shoulder paldrons made from painted yoga mat, shaped by  heating with an old hairdryer.
 Arm bracers made from painted. vinyl. Tried a lot of new techniques with this make. A lot of hours but a fun make!