Wednesday, 18 November 2020


 I downloaded the free leggings pattern from “ Patterns for Pirates” ages ago! As the weather has warmed up a bit lately, I decided I really must try and make some bright, funky leggings. Mine are pretty much ALL black, in 3 different lengths ( full, 3/4, and knee - marked with 3/4 or K on the label because I got sick of putting the wrong length on when they all look nearly the same!)

I have one bright pink patterned slinky knit pair, an op shop find which I wore last week for a pop of colour under a grey dress. They were quite comfy and looked nicer than black and grey! Plus being a lighter weight fabric ( the black ones - all RTW Rivers/ Kmart/ Best & Less brands I think; are made from lightweight cotton/ elastane T-shirt fabric). 

( books work as patterns weights right? They were the closest thing I had to hand, using the bed to lay out the slippery fabric!)

So I dug out the pattern, laid my pink leggings on top & used that size/ shape to cut out the pattern. I made the first pair from a  remnant of stretch net print, bought from Rathdown Fabrics years ago. 

Well... why did I wait so long!?!

Super duper quick to sew! Super comfy to wear! I wore one pair yesterday, and another today. Seriously they could be PJ’s they are THAT comfy! 

I made 6 pairs so far ( ok I sewed 7, in all different fabrics, but the last pair in a sort of grey/ lilac heavy spandex sort of fabric are too tight! Same pattern, different fabric, different fit! Exactly what PFP say on  their website! 

I may be planning on making even more...

I just have to do my next sewing task of adding pockets to a couple of my grey dresses! I figured since I had the overlocker out on the weekend, I would cut out then overlock a pile of pocket pieces, ready to unpick some dresses & add pockets ( inspired by a Morgan Donner post I watched recently!). Time to start unpicking...

Saturday, 14 November 2020

Sashiko stitching


Have been of the radar for a while, but I have been doing a little bit of crafting. 
I bought a sashiko kit ( printed cloth, needles & thread) at the craft show about 2 years ago ( remember the Quilt and Craft Show?!). I started it a couple of months ago, and then really got into it. I found it quite soothing, and easy to pick up, you don’t have to get to the end of a row like when knitting! 
The stitches may not be as neat as they are supposed to, and the back is certainly NOT at all neat, but who sees the back?
Planning on doing another one now, I bought a skein of green thread when I bought the other pieces, but no cloth. So I bought some grey linen from Spotlight, and am going to experiment with my light box and a transfer pen. But I couldn’t find any full sized free patterns online, so put a call out on my local Good Karma Network, and found a Sashiko book to borrow, within a good dog walking distance of my house in fact! Time to start planning a new stitching project!