Saturday, 14 November 2020

Sashiko stitching


Have been of the radar for a while, but I have been doing a little bit of crafting. 
I bought a sashiko kit ( printed cloth, needles & thread) at the craft show about 2 years ago ( remember the Quilt and Craft Show?!). I started it a couple of months ago, and then really got into it. I found it quite soothing, and easy to pick up, you don’t have to get to the end of a row like when knitting! 
The stitches may not be as neat as they are supposed to, and the back is certainly NOT at all neat, but who sees the back?
Planning on doing another one now, I bought a skein of green thread when I bought the other pieces, but no cloth. So I bought some grey linen from Spotlight, and am going to experiment with my light box and a transfer pen. But I couldn’t find any full sized free patterns online, so put a call out on my local Good Karma Network, and found a Sashiko book to borrow, within a good dog walking distance of my house in fact! Time to start planning a new stitching project!


  1. Looks amazing! Had been wondering what you had been upto. Hope you have managed the last few months.

    cough cough I may have purchased some fabric and thread to complete some Sashiko to - possibly at the same Quilt fair! I am currently waiting for some library books to come in on the subject. I intend to make a rice bag for small projects with mine once I get a start on it! I started back at work this week (1 day down from 3 for the foreseable future due to Covid!) so I should have time to play! Off to the farmers market this morning and then possibly a trip to Williamstown - how nice! Enjoy the day!

    1. Highly likely it was at the same craft fair! The book I borrowed is good, lots of tips and info but no patterns ready to copy/ trace - just instructions on how to draw it up your self using graph paper. Hmmm not quite sure I have the time/ patience for that! So I looked up some other books online and ordered one that promises full size patterns! Will let you know when it arrives, I am actually really keen to do more - good substitute for when it is too warm to knit!

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    1. Thanks! Must get around to thinking it into a cushion cover or something!


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