Tuesday, 31 December 2019

J-a-n-g-o and Jango is his name-o

Meet Jango, the newest member of our family!
He is a 9 month old rescue pup, mixed heritage - he was listed as a staffy kelpie cross, but his foster mum was told he was a staffy heeler cross. Lots of people we have met while out walking think he is a Labrador. We just think he is gorgeous!

He loves cuddles and kisses - he had  licked my ear just before this pic was taken!

He goes crazy trying to pick up this large ball, it is half full of water and quite heavy, but when it has a rope through it ( he has chewed through 3 ropes so far!) he drags and carries it around the yard!

And he loves lying at the back door where he can see and hear us.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

use the fork!

I usually take left overs to work for lunch, but there is always the challenge - will there be a fork to eat it with at work?
Problem now sorted with a quick sew the other day- 

Op shop cutlery plus a scrap of fabric = lunch roll!