Saturday, 28 February 2015

Bits 'n' pieces

I made some calico bags last year, but although the bag part was super quick to whiz up on the overlocker, making the handles is damn fiddly & time consuming. For the school fete I took a short cut and bought a pack of 50 calico bags. I sewed a fabric patch on some to jazz them up. Thinking about freezer paper stencilling on some bags too. If I get time, it is only 2 weeks away!

I have been looking for this new special edition for weeks, ever since reading about it on the Mollie Makes blog. Haven't looked up the on line patterns yet. It would make quite a good "how to" guide book for beginner sewists.

Latest batch of op shop found patterns. I need some comfy - dag- around- the- house pants ( 3/4 length) which might be from the first pattern. The middle NewLook - contemplating being brave enough to attempt a jacket. And the third ( on the right) - bought mainly for the variation on pockets, a different cut to my standard skirt pocket shape. I love pockets! ( think I may have mentioned that once or twice before!)

Cute red Vans - another op shop find last week!

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Best Op Shop Find Ever...( according to my kids anyway!)

I have been an op shopper for years. Since senior high school. Clothes, books, furniture, jewellery, CD's, toys...which leads me to this week's find. Even my H called it " the op shop find of the century".
I'm pretty sure I have only found lego at an op shop 3 times in my life, and this is a pretty impressive hall. 'Cos we need even more lego at our house...

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Sewing for the school fete and other things.

Just back from craft group tonight where I managed to sew together 3 fabric buckets.  ( Hi! lovely craft group people!)
I found the pattern & tutorial at here.  I changed the sizes around a bit to draw up my own version in sizes I liked.  When I was looking for the website just now ( I tend to surf on my iPad and take screen shots of things I like/tutorials/recipes etc. so I can look at them later when I am not online, so save on downloads!) - anyway, the latest post on birchfabrics looks pretty cool - a floor cushion for kids that looks like a tree stump. Rather tempting, must go back for a proper look later.

In the meantime, some pics from the weekend before last (gosh, was it that long ago already!). Family day out - in the rain - up to the market at Gisbourne. How cute are the birdhouses!?

Lots of gorgeous things, and very yummy food too.
We took a meandering route back home, stopping to investigate local waterways for possible future fishing trips. Not much water here, but love the colours of the rocks.
 I love this  beautiful is the old railway bridge at Sunbury.  I must have travelled over it dozens and dozens of times on the Bendigo-Melbourne train route, but never actually walked under the bridge before! Such craftsmanship for a utilitarian purpose.
And lastly, if you look really carefully, that dark smudge in the centre, sort of below the base of the trees, is actually a wallaby we spotted as we followed the dry creek bed under the bridge. The first one hopped away, but the second one was content to sit and keep a watchful eye on us.