Sunday, 29 August 2010

I don't follow football but I do love actual magpies - they have moved back into our street again recently. We had a bachelor flock of youngsters a few months ago - at one stage I counted 19 on our carport roof and front fence!  There are 4-5 of them now, and they are from the original group because they remember me, and come when I call them and throw a handful of  broken bread crusts on to the roof of the carport.  They even land in the back yard, much to the bemusement of the chooks who are not quite sure what to make of them! At least when the maggies are in the back yard, to other mynahs, sparrows and doves stay away - thank goodness. Those cheeky buggers pinch all the chook's pellets and are costing me a fortune- and keeping "Andrew's stock foods" in business!

Friday, 27 August 2010

So the demand for eggs - and the price - is already starting to increase. Experts (notice how I resisted the urge to type "eggspurts") have predicted the price will increase quite a lot and there may be a shortage of eggs available on the market!  So no excuses (or "eggscuses") girls - I expect at least 2 a day! (Even I know that one of you is slacking off and there should be 3 a day).    Maybe if I increase the hot garlic porridge, and a few extra tins of cat food mixed in, I might get enough eggs to set up a bit of  a blackmarket trade to cater for the demand! Get in that nesting box and get laying!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Craft group TOMORROW

Sorry for the short notice, and the lack of posts this week, things have been a bit busy with meetings, LOTS of baking etc. Because of the up-coming school holidays (I know, can you believe it?!) we will squeeze in one extra craft group TOMORROW NIGHT and then there will still be one more in 2 weeks, before the holidays get in the way!
SO 7:30pm at the Post Office. Have heard from a few people who have eaten in the new restaurant  there which just opened last Wednesday.  Glowing reports - very flash food, made for tasting/sharing, definitely not pub food!  But the dining room isn't open on Monday nights, just bar food, so we should be right to get the big table for craft group still! All the more reason why we need a few more people to come along each fortnight!
Got to go and finish sewing up a scarf for the Jedikid's teacher - it's her birthday tomorrow, and the whole grade have secretly organized a partly for her at school tomorrow.  The Jedikid made a batch of "allergy free" cupcakes for the kids, I still have to make a mudcake for the teacher!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Up-coming craft markets

The Sister's Market is on again at the Brunswick Town Hall next Saturday, 14th August.
Saturday 21 August is the Federal Election, but more importantly - since Coburg West is a polling venue, I will be baking my heart out on Thursday and Friday after work to help stock the cake stall and sausage sizzle the school is running at the polling booth.
I just bought 3 kilos of bananas for a bargain, and since I tried a new banana bread recipe  last week which was a hit (when I remember which blog I copied it from I will put the link in!) my plan is to make several loaves (easy to slice and sell with a cuppa), as well as some muffins, and yummy fudgy choc chip bickies.  I think dinner next Friday night will be from M&M's fish & chips, because the oven will be flat out baking stuff!
The North Melbourne Market is on again the next day - Sunday 22- 10am-2pm.
"Melbourne Day" is on the next weekend - Monday 30th August marks the 175th anniversary of the first Euopean settlers landing on the banks of the Yarra river (yep, I copied that straight out of the book). There is a whole bunch of free and 2 for 1 offers on for weekend. I picked up a copy of the booklet at one of those free postcard stands at the Vic Market the other weekend. Or  you can check out

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Craft Group comming up...

Craft group should be on next Monday, but since it is a Statewide curriculum day and people might be away/busy and/or exhausted from having the kids home from school 3 days in a row - we will meet again the following Monday 16th August. See you there! Same bat-time, same bat-channel. (Must see if the library has a DVD of the old Batman tv series.  I have been recording "The Goodies" on ABC2 Monday nights, and showed one to the kids yesterday - it was so cool so see them rolling around on the floor laughing at Tim. Bill and Graeme- just like I did when I was a kid!  They love the Flintstones, the Jetsons (not that we had that one on country tv when I was a kid), I dream of Jeanie, and Bewitched too!