Sunday, 27 October 2013


Spent some time in the garden again this weekend, after last weekend's family gardening blitz to tidy up the overgrown front yard.
Repotted some of the JediKid's succulent collection, relocated the parsley & chives out of the firing range of the soccer ball, and created a combined herb & succulent garden in the old laundry trough at he side of the house. You can see it as you step out the back door, so hopefully it will get watered over the summer! ( the gnome was a present from one of the boys years ago, from a school or kinder mothers' day stall I think)

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

LOL & OMG cushions- my first craft market!

I had a stall at the Brunswick Secondary College "car boot sale and market night" on Friday night. Took along my cushions, and a couple of new designs too.

The creeper cushions were very popular, in fact they sold out! (Ok so I only had 3, but that was because I ran out of cushion filling. In hindsight I really should have driven down to the supermarket the night before & got bought some more, but by 10pm I couldn't be bothered!)
There are also Daleks and skulls-

Sold 1 Dalek cushion, hmm, there is actually not a rainbow coming out of the Dalek, it is just the sun coming through the lounge room window whem I took the photo!
I know it is early to mention the "C" word... But they would make great presents, especially for those pesky hard to buy for teenagers! I should know, my boys were the product testers for the designs! And the biggest one is so nearly a teenager!
For sale over at Coburg craft collective on Facebook, or put a comment on the blog for more info.

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sewing for a bomber baby

We are absolutely hanging out to meet the newest member of the family, but since we have all been unwell over the last month- since she was born- we have not been able to visit yet! My husband's cousin had her first baby, a little girl, and both parents are very keen Bombers supporters... So when my H was going through his membership gear from the last few years, I decided to upcycled some bombers towels into baby gifts.

Tah dah - hand towel becomes bombers taggy blanket!
And the beach towel makes a perfect pram blanket!

Hope they are home this weekend!

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