Friday, 26 August 2016

Bargain craft books

Ok I admit it, I am a bit fond of $2 shops. Daiso of course is in a class of its own.  But some other stores have great craft sections.   I spotted these 2 books - 1about  sewing and the other is about knitting, in a shop last week.
I was flipping through the sewing book and thought some of the patterns looked familiar - a quick look through the publication details confirmed that the patterns had indeed been previously published in " Sew Hip" magazine. 
The knitting book has a few interesting shawl patterns, and at $4 a book I thought it was worth buying. I do like the look of the stylish wrist warmers and Tunia scarf, and I particularly like the idea of using up " loose odds and ends" by making a "Thrifty shawl".

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Half price sale at my favourite op shop!

I was  informed by fellow blogger and  op shop devote Katie, at Katie writes stuff, that it is "National Op Shop week" this week!  But so far I have only made it to one op shop this week!
I was planning on.leaving work earlier today but didn't, and of course many oppys are shut by 3, so after an accidental wrong turn on the way to another shop today, when I saw the sale sign up at Cumberland road,  how could I resist?!?
I found a scrap of lycra fabric - just what I needed to make a special cushion for a work buddy with an injured elbow, a Harry Potter wand box for the boys to store their wands in ( yep, only in my house would that phrase make sense!), a book & toy for work, and some silver bangles for me! Will.have to see if I have time for a little detour way home tomorrow....

Friday, 19 August 2016

My new favorite top/ pattern

Lately I have been thinking of trying some different sewing ideas and filling some wardrobe " gaps". So I have been  looking for a pattern for a non- stretch t- shirt  style top. Then I realized that Butterick 3383, found in an op shop earlier this year, might fit the bill.
The size and shape compares well to my all time fave Peppermint jersey top, and I erred on the side of caution and made the neck a bit bigger to make sure it would fit over my head without the need for a fastening.

I found some gorgeous fabric at the indian shop in Glenroy, the fabric was labelled " butter silk"  I think, and it feels quite divine! Plus it was about $4 a metre! I am super pleased with the top and have a second one - same fabric, differen print & colour, cut out ready to sew, with 2 more planned! 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Craft show shopping

Remember I said I didn't buy much at the craft show? Here is my modest collection- more plastic clips  ( because they are just sooo much better than pins!); a spare pair of little scissors;a new unpicker ( my good clover one snapped just a few days earlier in an unfortunate accident!); a sashiko sewing thimble ( must actually start the kit I bought at the show last year!); and some jewellery finding used to make a new funky necklace.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Denim bag makeover

I found a good sized denim bag at the op shop this week. I have been planning on making some, but I liked the size and shape of this one, plus for $1 it was a good buy, and worth experimenting on.
I played around with some pieces from my doily collection and decided this one looked great with the it was the right size to cover up the branding on the bag. I added a piece of ribbon - also to cover up the printing, then decided to go all out and add lining and a pocket. I do have plenty of orange fabric left over from my costume project after all!
The final touch was a button and button hole to fasten the bag and it is done!

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Ready to take on the Empire!

Here is my costume - a Rebel pilot- finally finished and ready to go to the "R" themed party.  A few people asked who I was...? But a couple of people recognized "me" including one guy who said "good to see the Rebel Alliance represented tonight"!

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Hidden pocket skirt - free via Fabric Restash!

I have never sewn with scuba fabric before, so when I spotted a piece at Restash the other week, I quickly snaffled it!  ( Thanks FunkBunny for donating it in the first place!)

There was just enough to squeeze out a new hidden pocket skirt. I really need to draw up a proper pattern for it, as I cut the front out too short & had to join a piece inside the pocket.  You can' t see it, but I can feel the seam which I didn't think through properly, and should have sewn differently - it feels a bit bulky, should have made a bigger seam allowance & sewn this down flat afterwards.  Oh well, live & learn!
Now I think I need to make some more plain coloured tops to wear with it, the crazy, funky print is waaaay to busy to wear with stripes!