Friday, 23 June 2017

Bargain boots

My latest op shop find- cute grey ankle boots. Pretty sure they are brand new. I googled the brand, and apparently they retail for around $220!!! Bargain at $16 then ( 'cos I don't think I have ever paid anything like $220 for any item of clothing/ footwear, ever!).
They are great for work because I can quickly zip them on & off when visiting a " shoes off" house, and when crawling around on the floor with kids - much quicker than my boots with laces!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Look what I made!

I was quite inspired by this book I found at Savers recently, I like the story telling and other ideas - it even includes a couple of recipes. And I have bookmarked a few pages in some craft magazines, looking for ideas. 

I ran out of oomph- and time-to knit another blanket, but still wanted to make a special gift for a lovely work friend - in time for her baby shower at work today.
So I spent the weekend sewing this-

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Pascoe Vale Spinners and Weavers Exhibition 2017

Another wonderful display, so many coloure, very inspired by the variety of shawl patterns.  I want to "knit all the things"!!
Just some of the photos- more to come!

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Marvelous discs pt 2-

As promised, here are some ideas for using the marvel discs  - these are aimed at younger children/ preschoolers.
Muffin trays (and egg cartons)  are great for sorting and counting small items like buttons, mini pom poms, coins or discs

Try a simple stacking activity- which one is taller? 
Can you make yours the same?
How tall can you stack before it falls over! With younger children make sure you use lots of words to match your actions-" up up up" "oh no it is wobbly" " the tower is getting taller and taller".
Try building too- who can make the longest "train"? Let"s make a big, tall monster! Can you help me make one the same?

Next time- maths ideas!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Marvelous discs pt 1

Ok so I know this blog is supposed to be about craft & stuff, but sometimes I like to take a creative detour. You may have guessed from the title what today's detour is about- yes those collectible plastic discs from Woolies. 

With both my boys in high school I thought we were over collecting the latest " collectible" novelty from the supermarket, so  at first I was saying "no thanks" to the discs.  Then I decided to collect some and give them to my friend as "rewards" for her grade 3/4  students. I hadn't even opened a packet to see what the discs actually looked like, I assumed they were thin plasticy cardboard pieces, something like tazos ( another  collecting craze from years ago!).

It was only when I saw some discs during a home visit for work, that I realized how solid they were, and that they were buildable.  They remind me of a toy which I think used to come in the cereal box ( showing my age here I know!), which was made by the Australian Jigsaw toy company.  I have a box of jigsaw "daisy" shapes bought when my kids were at playgroup,  a set of simple plastic shapes which slot together- exactly like the marvel discs! *
Suddenly I thought of all the teaching activities I could use the discs for, so I started collecting them for myself! And thanks to friends, family and workmates who have added to my collection, I have ended up with quite a few! I bought a storage tin for $1 at Woollies today, and with some cardboard dividers made from a cereal box, managed to fit them all in the tin.
Here is my collection so far- stay tuned for lots of ideas on how to use them  for a range of teaching activities.
( *seriously until tonight I had only looked at the colours and had not looked at the pictures on the discs, apparently some are rare and worth real money!)

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Crafting memories #1

I found a folder of old drawings and stuff recently, dating back to my uni days.  Sketches, hand made paper, designs for a painted calico bear, stencilled wrapping paper and other things.  A trip down memory lane.  With help from my sister's cat who actually climbed inside the brown paper folder and sat in it!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Crochet op shop finds

Spotted these gorgeous knee rugs/ blankets at Vinnies in Glenroy this week; they look brand new, priced around $10 each. I LOVE the fluoro brights with the black border! Like a giant liquorice allsort!