Saturday, 18 June 2022

Making do…

 So it has been an interesting week. I went to Rathdown Fabrics Friday week ago, to check out their range of stretch wool fabrics/ wool jerseys. I bought a metre each of pink marle, purple, and navy; cut & sewed the purple & pink leggings when I got home. The navy I think I will keep & use for a nice warm long sleeved tee shirt instead. 

The pink leggings are warm but a bit loose - it is all about the stretch & weave of the fabric. 5 pairs of leggings made with the same pattern in the last week ( not counting however many I made  last year !) but some fit very snuggly while some are a bit too loose. I will take them in a bit by running them through the overlocker again.

We had a busy weekend with various family events & outings, but somewhere along the line we have unfortunately contracted Covid! After having to deal with the drama of online grocery shopping - such a saga, it really has no appeal at all, but when you are confined to barracks there is not much choice! I had to send the eldest a list of extras to find at the shops - the main item being tissues. However there are none to be found anywhere “ except for one box of vanilla scented which I know you would not want!” ( yes thanks mate! he knows I detest most scented products. Eucalyptus is the ONLY acceptable scent for tissues!).

I knew I had a fairly full box of tissues out in my sewing shed, so I went out to get them earlier. Then I thought well, the overlocker is still out on the table, I have plenty of soft cotton sheets, and I do remember going to an overlocker class a few years ago & learning how to use the rolled edge function. 

So - making do! I cut out some 12” squares of fabric ( when I washed my cutting mat recently I put it on the table with the inch side up, to give the centimetre side a break from always being cut on!). I had to get the overlocker instruction book out to remember what to do, then I sewed up 6 new hankies! I do have some old hankies in a drawer somewhere, but I remember they were always so thin…these are definitely thicker fabric. I doubt I can convince anyone else to try them, but if I can get us through the next few days without running out of tissues until I can leave the house to look for some …

Monday, 6 June 2022

it's cold outside

The weather has turned super cold, and as much as I love my warm skirts - particularly the  woollen ones-  sometimes I need a bit more warmth!  I popped in to Anne's Fabrics on Sydney road on the way home from work last week, and bought a couple of 1m pieces of wool blend stretch fabric. Basically they had 3 colours so I got 1m of each! 
On Saturday I cut out 3 pairs of leggings. I sewed up one pair on Saturday morning before heading off to the Pascoe Vale Spinners & Weavers exhibition. They were so warm! Sewed up the other  2 pairs yesterday. There was also about a half a metre of a dark grey wool mix - not long enough for leggings, but plenty to use for a woolly petticoat/ underskirt.
I wore the black leggings & underskirt to work today, under a non woollen skirt. I was walking around a school in the wind & drizzle ...and I was toasty warm! 

Sunday, 5 June 2022

Playing with ( water) colours

 I bought a watercolour set a few weeks ago and only got around to playing with it today. I want to try sketching the outline for a drawing, then painting a background wash before using my markers to colour the drawing. I had a go drawing an autumn leaf today, just to try out the paints. 
I drew around a leaf, then divided it in half. I painted one half, and used markers for the other half. 
I hadn’t tried the paints at all before, what I should have done was do a swatch test first. So I did that afterwards!
There are 25 water colours, plus a tube of white. I tried mixing a couple of colours on my swatch page, using the pale/ flesh pink to lighten the dark pink & the purple. I think now I have the swatch page I will try some more painting. 


Saturday, 28 May 2022

Coburg Yarn & Craft market 2022

Spent nearly 2 hours looking at at the lovely yarns at the market today, and chatting with some of the stall holders.

Gorgeous blue green shades.
stunning sunset gradient inspired by the colous of a meteor shower!
corriedale wool - the scent & feel of the lanolin bought back childhood memories of visits to farms.
The pattern of this shawl is amazing, like a bargello quilt.
so many lucious colours! When they are displayed in boxes like this the hanks of yarn look like some sort of rare fruits!

Monday, 2 May 2022

Craft events coming up soon

One of my favourite local crafty events it coming up soon, the Pascoe Vale Hand Spinners and Weavers Annual Exhibition. 

 From their fb page - 

Save the date! The Pascoe Vale Spinners and Weavers Exhibition is set to return Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June 2022. 

After postponing our exhibition in 2020 and 2021, we are keen to share our hand spun work with the public once again. This includes exhibits, demonstrations and handmade items for sale.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Wordpress to keep up-to-date.

Not from the exhibition, just wanted to find some yarn related photos from my library!

The Hand Knit & Crochet Guild of Victoria are also holding their annual Yarn & Craft Market at the Coburg Town Hall,  on the 28 and 29 of May.

Saturday, 9 April 2022

Smooth Sewing

 Sewed a quilt with my 201K last week - sews through the layers just perfectly! But I was getting a bit annoyed with the scratchy timber case, most of the lacquer  has worn off & it is rough in patches. Decided to do something about it today.

Gave the timber a light sand to remove the last bits of lacquer, then mixed up some ” cleaner/ restoration mixture” ( recipe from the Hand Tool Preservation Assoctiation, seen at the Lost Trades Fair. My son has used this mix to restore some hand tools found in Grandpa’s shed.)

Super impressed with how good the base looks now, and it feels soooo smooth (smells good too!)

Sunday, 3 April 2022

Random Round Up featuring a dog, a bear, and a fish.

Hmm where have the last few weeks gone?heck where did March go?
So anyway, in the last few weeks - and in totally random order although I did select the photos in order, blogger has kindly mixed them all up… this is what I have been up to…

Wished The Dog a happy 3rd birthday yesterday!

Caught up with a crafty friend for a sewing challenge - draft a pattern & make  a graduation hood for her daughter’s Uni graduation next week. 3 hours & lots of laughs later we got there! One very weird shape, but came up great after she iron the bejeebers out of it! ( The bear was purchased fully dressed, but no hood)

The Dog, again.

Designed & sewed a quilt for a special retirement gift. Nearly done, just the binding to go now. Sewn up on the vintage Singer 201k

Graduation Bear, again. Hmm when I said he came fully dressed, of course that does not at all imply that he is wearing pants! 

 I drew a fish! Not a flower for a change - a brown trout, from a photo my H took of a fish he caught a while ago ( catch & release, but I’m sure some of them must have been big enough to eat …). Drawn for his birthday recently. Think I might try drawing some more fish, looks good on the brown paper.