Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Doggone crafty

Of course the big question is- have  I been sewing for our new dog? And of course the answer is YES! In fact the morning we were going to pick him up, I realised we needed something to tether him into the car, so I found a length of strapping tape I had selvaged from a broken backpack, sewed a hand hold loop to one one to loop it onto the metal bracket in the back of the car ( attachment points for a baby seat I think) and sewed a dog lead clip to the other end. 
I also spied a scrap of curtain fabric and whipped up a treats bag, with a Velcro loop to attach to my jeans. The Velcro is a bit loud and the family have quipped that we may end up with a version of Pavlov’s dog, with Jango starting to salivate every time he hears the Velcro rip sound!!!

And then there are 3 dog beds. I collected a single bed foam mattress from our wonderful local Good Karma Network a few weeks back. I cut it into 3, and covered each with fabric. The outdoor mat- on the step at the backdoor, is covered with a remnant of weatherproof outdoor fabric from Spotlight. 
The fluffy one is made from a child’s blanket - also a GKN find, it came with a soft toy I made into a weighted lap toy for work ( see recent post) . Unfortunately although I thought it would make a lovely soft dog bed, this one is not in regular use because Jango is a bit too fond of the fluffy fabric and wants to chew on it! 

There is a third one quickly covered in windcheater fabric today, because the scrap of black curtain fabric I first covered it is was (a) too slippery and (b) too hard to see a black dog on a black mat!
He obviously likes it better now as he has spent half the afternoon on it! The third mat now sits inside the house at  the back door - with a mat there on either side of the door he can see/ hear us most of the time.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

J-a-n-g-o and Jango is his name-o

Meet Jango, the newest member of our family!
He is a 9 month old rescue pup, mixed heritage - he was listed as a staffy kelpie cross, but his foster mum was told he was a staffy heeler cross. Lots of people we have met while out walking think he is a Labrador. We just think he is gorgeous!

He loves cuddles and kisses - he had  licked my ear just before this pic was taken!

He goes crazy trying to pick up this large ball, it is half full of water and quite heavy, but when it has a rope through it ( he has chewed through 3 ropes so far!) he drags and carries it around the yard!

And he loves lying at the back door where he can see and hear us.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

use the fork!

I usually take left overs to work for lunch, but there is always the challenge - will there be a fork to eat it with at work?
Problem now sorted with a quick sew the other day- 

Op shop cutlery plus a scrap of fabric = lunch roll!

Sunday, 17 November 2019

one cake to rule them all

( of course if I had baked it in a ring tin then the title would have read " one ring cake etc". Which would have been a better play on words, if I thought of the title yesterday before I baked the cake and decided to write a post about it...)

Anyway- I have been baking this cake, from the Family Circle Kids' Cookbook for years. Like waay before I needed to bake allergy friendly egg free dairy free cakes. 
I have a couple of good gluten free cake recipes, but they have eggs in them. So I wondered if I could use gluten free flour in the recipe and pretty much cover all bases.
The result - yes! Chocolatey fudgy yum! Mixed in 5 minutes, baked in 35. Chocolate fudge cake for the win!

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Saturday sewing challenge...

Involves the kitchen scales, a funnel, and some bargain sand filled weights from kmart. 

Plus a couple of op shop toys.
Half an hour of mucking about and I have 4 weighted lap toys to use at work!

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

stocking up

NSM foods in Victoria st Brunswick has to be the best smelling store around! You can smell the aromatic spices before you even step in the door. This is the best place to stock up on herbs, nuts and dried fruit (I love the semi dried cranberries!). A quick detour around the corner to The Royal Nut Company for a bag of Dutch Cocoa ( much darker and richer flavour) and my baking supplies are sorted!
Hmm - except I forgot to get pine nuts so might just have to go back again...

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

backyard bounty



I haven't made lemon butter for years, but it is so easy and so delicious! Might have to get the breadmaker going to have some home made bread to go with the lemon butter!