Friday, 24 March 2017

Mind your own beeswax!

My lovely in-laws keep bees * and after the most recent honey harvest there was plenty of beeswax left over.  I asked for some to use for various craft projects, and was gifted this lovely block- cast in a milk carton, so I guess it is about a half litre of beeswax! It smells divine!
* I often wonder about the term "bee keeping" - because of all creatures which can be farmed, surely bees- who can travel up to 5 kilometres looking for nectar  flowers- are really not " kept"!

I used some of the beeswax to polish some hand painted beads, and also to stiffen the ends of the thread, to make it easier to thread the beads on.

Now I need to think of some other projects requiring beeswax!

( and is beeswax the actual word, or should it more correctly be  bees' wax"?)

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Shadow stripes

I love the shadow stripes made by the sun coming through the venetian blind...

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Work bag makeover

My work bag started to fall apart last year, and after a couple of months  of searching at op shops ( and using another bag, which I didn't like as much!)- I found another one just the same. I improved on it- and covered up the logo- by adding a zip pocket on the front. It is super handy to keep my lanyard & keys in, I can always find them & they don' t get lost or damaged in my bag.

My lovely work mate & desk buddy Fran turned up with a similar- but slightly larger- bag at work recently, and decided my front pocket addition was a great idea, so she asked me to give her bag a make over too- and she also requested owls! So I sewed up a pocket on the weekend, and bought her bag home tonight to add the pocket on. I also added a key clip and some velcro to bonus pocket behind the zip pocket.  Much more practical now!

Fran's bag

My bag before the makeover
My new work bag.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Trying dyeing again

I bought a blue short sleeved cardigan at an op shop recently.  I liked the style but was not particulary taken with the sky blue colour. So I thought I would have a go at dying it, and found a great indigo denim blue rit powdered dye. The tricky part is you add salt to the dye bath for cotton, but vinegar for nylon- so what if the fabric is 50/50???
I also found a little white crochet top at the op shop today, I already have an almost identical one, so thought I could add it to the dyebath, along with a ball of bright white acyrlic yarn.
Everything looked brilliant in the dyebath, lovely denimy indigo colour, the yarn looked awesome...but then I had to tip the dye out & start rinsing. You can see the yarn colour in the dyebath, and once I started rinsing.  Everything is in the machine now for a final rinse. I think the cardi is a shade or two darker ( of course  I forgot to take a " before" photo.  But really, I suspect the thing that came out with the most colour on it is my right hand!!!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Saturday sewing

Saurday afternoon I actually got some sewing done! The Jedikid was at work, my H went fishing, and Tigetboy was doing battle with the Gotham underworld on the xbox.
The first sewing task was to make a denim pencil case, under instructions from the Jedikid, made to order & sewn up while he was doing his maths homework at the other end of the dining table. Even with putting in 2 zips I definitely had the easier task!

Pencil case done and given the tick of approval, I then sewed up 2 quick kimono sleeve tees and 1 boxy top ( all pre cut in the hols), finally hemmed the sleeves on a peppermint tee sewn up months ago, and did some minor alterations to some RTW jeans ( stitched down the pocket edges which were poorly made & only folded down, and added some elastic in the waistband to reduce the  gape at the back). 
A satisfying effort ( although there are still plenty more things on my sewing " to do list"!

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Fabulous fete finds

Brunswick South West school fete is always a winner, I always head straight to the 2nd hand stalls in the hall and find some great bargains.
This year I found some terrific items for work, I was super excited to find this rocker board,which has been on my wish list for a while!
Of course the only down side is I then had to carry a heavy wooden rocker, large play mat, and bag of books, puzzles, games & cd's around ( lucky I had Tigerboy with me to grudgingly help!)  - we had to make a trip back to the car to unload, then go back for a second look!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Saturday morning Savers

Tigerboy has started playing tennis on Saturday mornings and was to have had today off but was asked to fill in for another player. My H had already planned to go fishing this morning,  so I got tennis duty. 
Those who know me will understand my complete lack of both ability and interest in anyrhing sporting.  Especially tennis. Ever since I was a kid, as soon as my parents would turn the tv to the tennis, I would leave the room and go read a book. Some one at one end hits a ball, someone at the other end hits it back-yada yada yada yawn yawn yawn. No offence, but I would rather watch paint dry.  Ditto pretty much any other sport.  Equestrian events- show jumping, dressage, cross country- are about the only sports I can watch and enjoy ( mainly because there is still that horse mad kid inside me!).
So once we got to tennis this morning, I went for a walk. 45 mins walking around the sports grounds, then  I walked down to Sydney Road to nip into Anne's fabrics for some white cotton lawn to finish making a dress ( when I tried it on I realized it needed some lining!). But most of the shops don' t open til 10 on Saturday!
Savers was open though- yay!  I hardly ever go there as  I prefer the little independant op shops, but I had  20 mins to fill in, and I found some wonderful treasures!  The best one was this sprouting set- it was meant to be, because in the last few days I have been looking at a packet of sprout seeds and thinking about trying to grow sprouts again, and then I spotted this! Looking forward to some home grown salad sprouts in a few days!