Sunday, 21 January 2018

Darth tee version 2

Last year I made a freezer paper stencilled Darth Vader tee shirt, in time to wear it to see "Rogue One".

I had always wanted to try the Vader image with a floral print fabric, but was wondering how to do it, while looking for the right small print.

A lucky op shop find with a card of sample fabrics yielded a suitable print. Next step was to slightly enlarge and modify the design a little, then trace it on to the paper backing of some double sided interfacing - all using my handy kmart light box!
I ironed the fabric onto the interfacing and carefully cut it out.
After a lot of measuring and re arranging, I figured out the best placement of the image. I marked some guidemarks with fabric chalk, and ironed the 3 pieces on very carefully!

The final step was just as fiddly- applique stitch ( fine zig zag) on the sewing machine around all the edges, to make sure it stays put!  Very happy with the results!  ( and found the perfect spot to pose for a photo today too, outside Imax!)

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Sewing adventures January 2018

You know I don't just sew clothes, right? That I also tend to try out all sorts of crafty ideas...I know my work buddies have seen some of my more unusual makes, and repairs! This is another one for work-

I had a clean up of my toy cupboard at the end of the year, and decided I didn't really need this toy caterpillar, it is not a useful toy, or something I can add to a story or game.  But... It is nice and long, and could maybe work as a weighted lap toy...
So I bought some cheap sinkers from kmart (after doing the math to figure out whether smaller but more in the pack vs larger but less in the pack would be better value and more weight. Uh huh- not a calculation that would usually happen in the fishing section of kmart! Anyway I ended up with 6 long heavy sinkers, about 300/350g from memory. I sewed a calico insert to hold them in place, unstitched each end of the caterpillar, inserted the weight and rearranged the stuffing around it.
A quick bit of hand sewing to put it back together, and its done!   Now I really must finish some more "finished" bags for work too.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year - happy new knitting project!

Happy New Year! Here is my lattest knitting project - started in November but I haven't really spent a huge amount of time on it. I have seen those giant " cake" balls of yarn at various stores & craft shows, but none of the colour combinations particularly appealed to me- until I saw this lovely grey one at a bargain store! (one of the type I like to call an " upmarket $2 shop!

I cast on 100 stitches instead of the usual 150 for a blanket, and most of the way through the 200g ball, the blanket measures approx 45cm by 100cm. I think I will add a 100g ball of plain grey in the middle, then start the 2nd " cake" ball, so the finished blanket should be about 120 long. 

Then I have another colourway to start for the next blanket- my sister picked this one out for me to make for my neice. So I need to get a move on and finish the grey one now!

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Garden surprise

Hanging the washing out this morning, I was amazed to see this beautuful flower on the cactus plant.

The cactus was about 40 cm tall  when I moved it from the succulent trough nearly 2 years ago, to make way for the side fence to be replaced. I never got around to moving it back, and it has doubled in size since then.
It must be very happy in its new spot, because it now has 1 large flower, and 2 more big buds!
And how impressive is this flower!

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Christmas gift ideas

Selling off my craft stall stock - anyone looking for some last minute Christmas gifts?
I have these 9 handbags, all have internal pocket ( some are zipped) and key tag clip, $40 each.

3 rope bowls left- 2 stitched in brown, one in fluro green thread. $10 each.

Printed calico bags $5 each.

Paint your own bead kits $4 each.

Assorted fabric buckets - great for pot plants ( put in a plastic bag 1st), inside drawers, for storing kids' bits & pieces $5 each.

Fabric brooches $2 each.

Comment/ email/ pm/ phone me!!!

Friday, 8 December 2017

Op shop fabric finds

I had a few spare minutes on my way home today to duck into the Christ Church op shop in Essendon. I haven't been there for months, and only had about 10 minutes there today, as I was on my way to drop some donations off to Caroline Chisolm, a little further down the road.

I had a quick look through the dvd's and cd's, and found the soundtrack to  Star Wars 1 " The Phantom Menace". Score! ( pun intended!)
Then I remembered they have a fabric section - and look what I found - a great range of  quilting pieces, including some fat quarters, and a couple of nearly metre long pieces. A lovely selection of spots, stripes, small floral prints and some fun prints like the dressmaker model print ( top right). 

Friday, 24 November 2017

Melbourne Stitches & Craft Show

Had a lovely day out at the Stitches & Craft Show yesterday - or as my good friend Linda  called it, her "Little Britain day out with my carer"!!!! ( which just goes to show a broken ankle can only slow you down so much!).
It was super quiet which made it easy to move around & see everything, but I did feel sorry for the stall holders who would surely be expecting a much larger crowd. We sat in on 2 free pop up " listen & learn" sessions at Pauline's Quilters World- quilt as you go, and "precision patchwork" which were both quite interesting.  I really liked their nifty binding gadgets, and bought one of the small ones to use to press bias binding in half ( which I often make & use for sleeve & neck binding on tops)- should be easy to use and save my fingers from getting burned!
I also bought some ribbon, the Star Wars ribbon will add a bit of zing to a denim apron I have promised to make for my son ( but the trim will be a surprise).
And after looking at mini irons at  every craft show for the last  few years, I finally bought one! Should be much easier to use for craft than my big heavy iron, especially in my tiny sewing space!