Saturday, 12 June 2021

Comic Con 2019 -sewing Thranduil

 Comic Con is on this year, in 2 weeks - but I have not bought tickets yet. Having just come out of lockdown, and quarantine as well in my house! - I just can’t see how it can still run.

I have been working on my Outlander patched shirt, but thought that instead I would finally get around to finishing posting about the Thranduil costume I made for Comic Con in 2019.

I used an op shop pattern to start with, and made a muslin out of calico. I drew texts lines to mark the different segments, and cut them out to make the new pattern pieces, with help from some online posts I found which showed where the sewing lines are. 

The silver/ green tinged fabric was a super lucky find from Spotlight, it was basically the first thing we found, and was exactly what I was looking for. Plus we were in Spotlight during the last day of a “ 40% off everything”  sale, excellent timing!

After checking & double checking the pattern pieces, consulting online posts, and lots of reference pics from the movie and making-of DVD’s, I cut out the pieces from the silver fabric and started sewing! I numbered each piece with stickers so they wouldn’t get mixed up, it was a bit like making a quilt. 

The boots were a lucky op shop find, they were white with elastic laces & cost the sum total of $2. I took the laces out and painted the boots  black. I found a pair of tall black boots at Savers, chopped them up and added elastic straps to hold them onto the under shoes. They turned out really well!
The crown and main brooch were made from a wire frame, hot glue,and paint. There was a great YouTube video on making the crown that was super helpful.

I did the first coat of paint, then rewatched some reference videos, and repainted with a different colour scheme. I also added some fake leaves - $2 shop aquarium plastic plants, which looked much better with a  touch of paint. My son was not convinced about the leaves, nor the boots, until he saw the finished products! He also was not initially keen on the $20 Rapunzel dress up wig I found at Spotlight, but I talked him out of spending $150 on a wig! I removed the braided hair section, and spent ages picking the glue from the braid out of the wig! Some online research led me to trying dry hair shampoo on the wig to take some of the shine off/ improve the colour a bit. A bit of brushing and shaping improved the hair; and a pile of hair clips, combined with the weight and shape of the crown anchored it in place. I nearly forgot the ears - found at a local costume shop ( would you believe there were about 3 different version to choose from!)
I always say a great costume is the sum of all the parts!
The rings were op shop finds, with a couple made from craft wire.

The scabbard/ sword holster was my H’s contribution to the outfit!

Saturday, 22 May 2021

Preston Market

A rainbow of colour on show at the Preston Market today!
Thinking the colour and pinwheel type pattern on this scarf could inspire a quilt pattern!
Lovely subtle colour in the  cabbage flowers.

Friday, 21 May 2021

Benalla Day Trip pt 2 The Costume Museum

The real highlight of the Benalla day trip was the costume museum. There is a Ned Kelly section too, gift shop and tourist information section, all run by volunteers. 
I got there just as they were closing but the lovely gal at the reception desk/ information counter let me have a quick 5 minute whiz through... after she told me they had a dress dating back to 1750 and I got a wee bit excited! 

I will definitely need to go back for a proper investigation. I had a lovely chat with the volunteer & said how I got interested in costume history/ historical fashion through making cosplay outfits, and then discovering costube via CoCoVid last year. She was very interested to learn about Bernadette Banner ( ok I am a total fan girl!),  Abby Cox, The Welsh Viking and a few others on my YouTube subscription list. She said she would pass the info on to the volunteers who work on the costume museum.
Beautiful turn of the century/ 1920’s outfit. I am currently reading the Jaqueline Windspear “Maisie Dobbs” series set at this time - from the 1st World War through to to start of WW2.

Love this outfit - late Edwardian/ early Victorian I think.

1750’s dress.
Regency era on the right looks like it came straight off set of Pride and Predjudice!

 More next post!

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Benalla Day Trip part 1

We had a brief day trip to Benalla last week. A friend had posted some photos on facebook, of some of the many murals in Benalla; and a colleague mentioned the street art as well. Aparently Benalla is the regional street art capital of Australia! 
I managed to find and photograph quite a few of the amazing art works.

Sunday, 25 April 2021

Sew vintage pt 1

I finally got around to something I have been meaning to do for ages... figure out how to wind a bobbin on my singer 201K. Thanks to YouTube and a print out of the original manual, I managed to wind not 1 but 2 bobbins!  
I also puzzled out how to cut a skirt from a lovely scrap of plaid fabric I found at an op shop years ago, and had stored in a box labelled " Outlander fabrics". But really there was not enough of this fabric to make an Outlander length skirt. But there was just enough to make a past knee length skirt, based on a green plaid skirt I found in my abandoned projects box - another op shop find, but the skirt was slightly too small. I finally figured that by unpicking and widening the pleats, I could add in a little bit more width to the waist. Of course I added in a pocket too. 
So using the green skirt as  pattern inspiration, I cut out the brown plaid. There was just enough for the skirt and pocket, with only a bookmark sized scrap left over! 
Since it was a sort-of vintage styled skirt - inspired by Bernadette Banner's modern day Victorian walking skirt - I thought it would be  the perfect first project to sew on my vintage singer!
The only modern day sewing was that since I thought the wool fabric would fray like blazes, I overlocked the edges of the 2 skirt pieces & 2 pocket pieces ( the skirt is basically 2 large rectangles). 
The singer is a dream to sew with! I love love LOVE the speed control I have with the knee lever, I can sew soooo slowly if needed, like the tricky bit around a zip. And it is much more quiet than my Janome. I even like the smell, which is probably mostly machine oil. I read that they use a bit of oil & that it is recommended to oil the machine at the start of each new project. I figured since mine has bwen sitting there unused for a year since I had it serviced, a few drops  of oil wouldn't go astray. 
I just have to finish the hem of my skirt tomorrow & it is ready to wear. It should be lovely and warm in this chilly weather!

Monday, 19 April 2021

All labelled up!

 Checking my email last week, I saw that Kylie and The Machine had a sale on their awesome labels. I already have some ( Christmas present!) but have not used many ( apparently I  didn’t do any clothes sewing last year!). But they are just so cool I had to buy some more!

They arrived today - and how sweet is the packaging!

Pink cartoon tape on the outside, cute printed tissue on the inside!

These are the labels I bought.  Planning to use them on clothes and quilts.

Already had these, started using some “ this is the back” labels.

Bought this tin ages ago and just realised it is just the right size to hold my labels ( I added the stickers on the front) fits them all perfectly!  

PS does anyone recognise the quote in the title ? 

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Sashiko success!

I finished a range of sashiko " samplers" a few weeks ago, with the plan of putting them together to make a cushion cover. I had planned to sew it up in the school hols... so 9pm tonight I sat down to piece it together! Nothing like leaving your school holiday homework til the last minute - exactly what we always tell the kids not to do! 
But I knew it wouldn't take long, and anyway I was getting really tired of looking at the black & white zig zag print on the cushion insert. I ended up having to put the cream stripe cover back on ( hand stitching the broken zipper shut first) to stop the  black & white showing through. 
A quick envelope back from a couple of large  scraps worked for the back panels, and tah dah! Sashiko sampler cushion cover. ( Large " floor" cushion, must be over 20 years old).