Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Busy busy

Sorry it has been a while - kinda busy with the TWILIGHT MARKET coming up next week, organizing stalls, begging for volunteers, notes for the newsletter, and trying to squeeze in some sewing still to be finished off for the craft stall! If you are in & around Coburg West on the 4th, drop buy after school and say "hi" - I will be the one running between the badge machine, face painting, and everything else!
And I so don't have time, but am taking a day off anyway to head to Caulfield for the craft show on Thursday. At least I have cup day to finish off the sewing ( I'm sure the boys won't mind entertaining themselves with their ds's all day while I sew!!!)

Monday, 17 October 2011


A couple of weeks ago I had to pop into the shops to print some photos for work, I had 15 mins to wait while the photos were printed....and a Rivers Clearance store 2 doors up. $15 shoes....how could I resist? (and they are soooo comfy!!!)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

School holidays week 2

The middle weekend of the holidays we spent a couple of days out of town, along with the in-laws, my SIL and her 8 year old daughter. The 3 cousins have only ever spent an afternoon together (and the Jedikid has had one sleepover), so spending 4 whole days together was wonderful! They got along really well, and loved "visiting" each other in the holiday cabins.
We stayed at the Korrmburra caravan park (in cabins), with a visit to the spectacular Australian Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne on the way. We have never been there before, and were mightily impressed with the gardens and layout - so much so that we stopped by again on our way home (which of course was the first sunny day since before we left home!). Definitely worth another trip - once we have a bike rack and some new bikes - there are picnic spots and bike tracks around the park too.
On Sunday we were doubly lucky to see a wedge-tailed eagle flying by - being seriously sassed by a pair of crows!; and even managed to spot a bandicoot in the garden too!
Friday morning we wandered around Coal Creek (in the rain), the kids had a ball - they could just explore where they liked, with a fantastic range of old buildings, shops etc. - and Edward the Emu! My FIL went and got some stale bread from the cafe, and had a ball hand feeding Edward, and the boys were quite game and had a go too, although the Jedikid did so from the relative safety of the verandah!

Next Craft Group - Monday 10th, first day of term 4. Only 1 month to go til the Twilight Market, I am madly trying to get a heap of sewing done, as well as organizing posters, rosters etc. ready to go in the school newsletter next week.