Friday, 25 February 2011

Mark your calendars

I am supposed to be at work today, but am at home on the couch recovering from a bug or most likely a disagreement with something I ate on Wednesday. Yesterday I managed to eat 2 orange kool pops and 4 teddy bear biscuits - that was it.  I don't function well if I don't eat (I would never survive on a desert island!), so it will take me a few days to recover.
Couldn't even watch tv yesterday, but am feeling a little better today.  I just watched the beautiful Australian film "Black Balloon" which I recorded a few weeks ago.  The film is told through the eyes of  16 year old Thomas and his relationship with his  brother  Charlie, who has severe autism and adhd.  It is a moving, funny, lovely film; with brilliant acting from the young cast, (Rhys Wakefield, Gemma Ward and Luke Ford) as well as superb performances from Erik Thompson and Toni Collete as Thomas' and Charlie's  parents.

Now to the dates - the Brunswick Music Festival and Sydney Road Street Party are coming up very soon, check out the program here .  There are some great local and international artists performing, I just got my program in the post today (ok, I had to ring and ask for a 2nd one because I have turned the house upside down and can't find the original one I got 2 weeks ago!).
The finders keepers market is coming back to Melbourne!  I went last year and it was FANTASTIC, once we walked for miles and finally found the bloody thing! Note to market people - A FEW MORE SIGNS WOULD HELP.

Found this UK sewing magazine in a newsagent in Bendigo the other week, and it is also stocked at the Coburg newsagency in Sydney Rd.  It has a really cool skirt pattern I want to try, one day when I get back to my sewing machine.
Have a look at Pip's "Meet me at Mike's" blog from a couple of days ago - check out the Brown Owls link. There is a new Brown Owls group in Brunswick, meeting at the Retreat Hotel on Wednesday nights. Might have to check them out next time they meet!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Craft group next Monday???

Hi all, sorry about the long break, still having internet issues at home, I can get 5 mins to check emails and then I get nothing.
I am planning on dropping by the PO today or tomorrow to confirm if we can still meet there on Mondays; if so then how about 7:30 next Mon??? I have some knitting to do - just goes to show how the weather has been so hot/cold/hot/cold - I normally can't BEAR the thought of even touching wool when it is hot, but it has actually been cool enough to knit.  Plus I have had a couple of train trips to Bendigo so it is ideal to while away the time knitting. I was reading "All that happened at number 26" by Dennise Scott on the train on Saturday, but just had to stop lest the other passengers thought I was a bit mad 'cos it is just SOOO funny; it really is a "not to be read on public transport" sort of book!!!
I am madly trying to knit up ( and make up the pattern as I go - I don't have one!)  a couple of Bananas in pyjamas finger puppets for a special little fellow at my Friday playgroup who had a birthday last Sunday and just loves the bananas. I think I need to drop by my school today and pick up one of the bananas in pj's  fingerpuppets I have there so I can copy it. Of course I only had the idea for this last night, would have been much better if I thought of it a week ago and knitted them  when on the train of course, I could have made a whole hand full by now!