Saturday, 30 March 2013

Let there be light!

There is one problem with going to craft group at the pub- it is generally too dimly lit to do much crafting! But last Monday I night I took along my new toy-

- found at the recent Caravan & Camping show, the "firefly" is made by independent Australian company "Barefoot Power". It is charged by a solar panel you sit on the window sill, and gives up to 50 hours of led light, with 3 different power settings. It is made for 3rd world countries, to combat the dreadful fires and resulting deaths and disabilities which regularly occur when using oil lamps. But it is also useful for camping, or crafting!
I had looked at products like the daylight company lamps-terrific products BUT soooo expensive. The firefly was $50 ( there is a slightly smaller one for $40 too), it is very small & light, and has already been used several times for hand sewing/ repairs at the dining table, and whilst sitting on the couch!
Love it! It is just what I have been looking for, and is unbelievably light & versatile ( the neck is super flexible too for different angles, and means you can fold it up to be quite small). No excuses not to get more sewing/ knitting done at the pub now!

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013


So I took the boys to the dentist for their 6 monthly check last week. (That is, in addition to the orthodontist $$$). We walk in, and the dental nurse checks the files and asks me "is there anything I need to know?" which the eldest immediately replies "I'm awesome!"
The nurse gives me a bemused look and all I can do is shrug my shoulders and say is "he's 12!" That's just how it is these days.

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sensory quilt complete!

Wow, a project started and finished within a matter of days! But as you can see, I did have to rethink the colours. After laying it out on the lounge room floor and looking at it for a while, I decided the random colours were a bit- drab. So I did a bit of a reshuffle, added some brighter colours and went for a rainbow-stripe effect. I took the patched panel to work & everyone liked it, so I was inspired to make more. I backed the first one tonight ( pretty wonky really, I am no quilt artist!) and cut out 2 more smaller ones ready to put together on the weekend.

Pop over to Nicole's "you sew girl" blog to check out her very special sale on this weekend. Will have to see if I can get there. Plus there is a school fete on Saturday- Merri Creek Primary. They had a write up in The Age a few weeks back, talking up the craft stall there. Might be worth a look!

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Monday, 18 March 2013

A sensory quilt

What the...? Yes I know the colours look pretty crazy, but this quilt is not really about colour. I am playing around with some fabric this morning to put together a quilt/ play mat for a little boy at work. He has severe CP (cerebral palsy, and therefore limited movement), vision loss and hearing loss. We have talked at work about making one of these for a while, and my trip to the "Reverse Art Truck" last week has prompted me to finally do it!
So - TEXTURE is the aim here, for our young fellow to rub his hands/face/ feet along the fabric and feel the contrast in textures. Contrasting colours are good too. I might try a black and white one for max visual contrast.
I had another idea to make some pockets in the quilt, to add more sensory input eg. a mini wheat bag for warmth, cooler brick for cold, bag of died herbs/ cloth dabbed with scented oil for smell etc. But I might leave that for another time, and get this one sewn up today so we can get it to him before the school holidays!
Although I miss some of the great people I used to work with before, it has worked out so well to be part of the early intervention team this last year. I have learnt so much more about ASD and sensory issues working with the specialist teachers, speechies, OT's, Physio's and other staff. Plus they get to pick my brains about hearing aids and audiograms!

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Freezer paper+ drum stencil + t-shirt= birthday present

One of the Jedikid's best friends turns 13 on Saturday. He is learning the drums, so I found a great stencil design, cut out some freezer paper, and printed a t-shirt for his birthday. I can't believe he is 13 (the boys 1st met at 4 y/o kinder!) AND I had to buy a MEN's t-shirt- no kid sizes anymore!

I used to cut stencils out of laminate off cuts from the printing shop, great to cut and very sturdy for multiple prints. But not good for fine detail, the paint would bleed under the stencil. But freezer paper- cut it out & iron it on! Brilliant! Just need to find someone in the US to buy me a whole roll....

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Op shop loveliness

I have been looking for a granny square throw for a while. Saw one last year & didn't buy it, went back the next day and of course it was gone! So as soon as I saw this one I had to have it! Lovely wavy edging too, a few little holes but I have a box full of embroidery thread from my cross stitching phase when I was at uni, so I an sure to find some matching colours for repairs.

Can't remember which oppy I found it at now, as I have been to a few in the last 2 weeks (to make up for months of not going anywhere!). Visited Pascoe. Vale, Coburg Nth, Glenroy (only 2 so far, still to get to the other 2 in Glenroy), and also the huge Brotherhood store in Brunswick Road. That was a trip down memory lane- used to go there all the time when I first moved to Melbourne & was living in Brunswick. We were on first name terms with the staff & bought most of our furniture there!
They have a HUGE range of books & cd's - I bought 10 cd's at $1 each, and a great trilogy by Jane Yolen which Tigerboy is currently lying on the couch reading his way through (10 pages to go in book 2 he said just now!)

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

World maths day at my house....

No I haven't done any amazingly clever sewing like Thornberry has! Suffice to say that the maths whiz Tigerboy- soooo doesn't get it from me! - has clocked up a few hours on the online international maths comp (on today & til Friday) and has got himself to the top of the list for his school. Well, for today anyway. He is so determined & serious about it, and kept announcing stuff like" I'm playing against someone in London/Spain/The Philippines/ Japan etc." It was great to see so many kids from school on the list, and also to see him happy to see his friend's names in there and say that they were doing well too.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Dear Jane quilt

No I haven't made a quilt! This is the "baby Jane" quilt my very talented mother in law made for the recent "Dear Jane" exhibition.

I have lots of photos of the other wonderful quilts on my phone, just have to remember to email the pics to the iPad so I can post them too.

Had a great time at the Brunswick South West fete on Friday, lots of treasures - so much so we had to carry a load of stuff back to the car before we could go and look at the rest of the stalls! Tigerboy was thrilled with his super soaker buy, and STACK of Pokemon cards he found! And I found this fabulous little bedside table, with the original purchase sticker underneath "Myer Emporium 3/11/48! 1948! Quite the antique, just have to rearrange things so I can use it as my bedside table.

PS Craft group at the PO 7:30 tonight. Have to see if I get dinner cooked & eaten in time!

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