Thursday, 30 June 2016

Knitted cowl v 3 & 4

I know I know...I am supposed to be knitting another blanket. But these cowls are just so quick and easy to knit!
I have finished the green one now & wore it yesterday. Love the colour but weirdly it tends to shed a bit of fluff - a fact I did not at all notice when I was knitting it!
The blue- purple one  ( apologies for the bad photo, camera was on the wrong setting)  was started yesterday afternoon when my lovely MIL phoned and invited the family to go out for lunch for her birthday the next day!   It was knitted while waiting for takeaway chips to be cooked, at the Westgarth waiting to watch " Hunt for the Wildepeople"  * ( including during the on screen ads and opening credits!), in the car on the way across town today (from the passenger seat of course!) and the last few rows were knitted at the cafe before lunch where I stitched the seam together before handing it over to the "birthday girl"!!!
* awesome movie by the way, loved it!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Knitted cowl v.2

I had this ball of chunky neon tie-dye look yarn since last year ( panda mega magnum). I bought a ball for me after knitting a scarf for my niece, and  have been trying to think what to make from it. After wearing my Outlander cowl for a few days, I thought why not make a crazy bright cowl too! 
It looks great on grey or black- so it goes with 2 new long sleeved tops I made recently (excuse the creases but it shows they have been worn!) 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Outlander- inspired knitting

I have seen quite a few mentions of the tv series  " Outlander" in the bloggosphere for a while, particularly in relation to knitting! I bought myself the dvd"s of season one for my birthday a while back ( as you do!) and finally sat down to watch the first 3 episodes last week. After a week of a weird laryngitisy bug ( not much voice - particularly in the mornings til around midday) I figured the only way to give the bug its marching orders was to have a day off to sit on the couch and not talk!
Of course the show is fantastic! I then had to look up more crafty references and seek out some knitting patterns. A rummage around in the yarn stash revealed 2 skeins of differenr shades of brown, and 3 different left overs in brown/ pinky brown/ charcoal. Together they blended together to make this - super duper quick chunky cowl, a- la Claire!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Early craft projects - a trip down memory lane #1

We went to Bendigo on the long weekend to catch up with family. We had originally had plans for a road trip, then lots of day trips, but ended up only going to Bendigo and back! I woke up last Friday with no voice (still not 100% back !) & Tigerboy was sneezing, so we basically stayed indoors most of the weekend except for a walk along the creek trail on Sunday.
I was looking for some jewellery in my old room (but couldn' t find it) and came across some old high school craft projects.
The leather case holds a pack of cards, it used to have velcro glued on ( from.memory the school didn't have any press studs I could use with leather). The tiny teddy cross stitch (more cross stich to come at a later date, I did quite a bit of it!) was a Women' s Weekly pattern I think
The rose is a self covered button I made into a brooch to match some old earrings I had which were my Nana's, they were silver with little embroidered roses in tiny stitches on them. Will have to dig out some more crafting treasures!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Pascoe Vale Spinners and Weavers show 2016

*** Lots of photos today - and this is only half of what I took!

Another lovely crafty day out! Knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving and felting - fabulous creations on display at the spinners and weavers exhibition today. (and we managed a quick trip to the op shop around the corner on Cumberland Rd on our way to the show- managed to find some 2.25mm dpn's for my friend Janine to knit the beautiful sock yarn she bought at the wool show last weekend!).
Now I just want to finish knitting my rainbow throw rug and start a shawl, some grey mitts - and another throw rug!  And I want to get my timber weaving loom out, which unfortunately is the smaller size and not the one I saw today - but the box says it makes up to  a 5' long piece so that is still a good scarf sized length!