Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Outlander- inspired knitting

I have seen quite a few mentions of the tv series  " Outlander" in the bloggosphere for a while, particularly in relation to knitting! I bought myself the dvd"s of season one for my birthday a while back ( as you do!) and finally sat down to watch the first 3 episodes last week. After a week of a weird laryngitisy bug ( not much voice - particularly in the mornings til around midday) I figured the only way to give the bug its marching orders was to have a day off to sit on the couch and not talk!
Of course the show is fantastic! I then had to look up more crafty references and seek out some knitting patterns. A rummage around in the yarn stash revealed 2 skeins of differenr shades of brown, and 3 different left overs in brown/ pinky brown/ charcoal. Together they blended together to make this - super duper quick chunky cowl, a- la Claire!


  1. Fabulous cowl. Hope you gave the bug it's marching orders and are feeling better.
    I haven't seen the series but I have read all the books to date!

  2. Thank you! Feeling much better now! It was only as I started watching the first episode that I realised " Outlander" was based on the books a friend had told me about years ago!

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