Monday, 16 October 2017

Sewing books Spotted at Savers

I was quite suprised to see these 2 "Marfy" design books- complete with pull out pattern sheets, at Savers last weekend-

And this book about Shibouri looked interesting-
I also found a book of sewing tips for  overlockers ( I bought that one!).

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Baking for "back to school"

Cheesy corn muffins, orange polenta biscuits, and blueberry muffins.
Lunchbox snacks sorted for the week!

Friday, 6 October 2017

Cutting strips

I sorted some of my fabrics recently and put a lot of pieces into a box marked " for a quilt"- mainly smallish prints & solid colour pieces. This week I have finally got around to sorting the colours and giving the rotary cutter and cutting mat a thorough work out!
As much as I love knitting blankets and giving them as gifts, they do take several months to knit! Whereas I figure if I already have a heap of strips  cut out, I can sew up a simple baby quilt or cushion cover in less than a week. That is the plan anyway!

Strips cut so far & sorted by colour- all bright rainbow colours! 

Working on the layout- bright colours in the middle, with green strips on the sides, inspired by the " staggering strips baby quilt" from the book " Sewing in a straight line".

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Quick craft fix

I found this sun visor when tidying the spare room the other day ( making room for 3 cousins to have a sleepover!)I think it came from a fundraiser event or conference sometime, can't remember! 

But since the weather is warming up, I thought it might come in handy on a sunny day, plus it is nice & compact to carry around. But it was advertising an insurance company! 

I quite like the purple colour, just needed to hide the logo.
A quick rummage through my fat quarters stash and sewing tools stash yielded my Dr Who 1/4, and some double sided iron on tape - finally tried the stuff I found at Daiso, worked a treat with the help of some baking paper and my non stick ironing sheet!

 I couldn't resist a scrap of dalek ribbon to cover the logo on the back!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

It's HAMA time!

I bought a Hama beads kit years ago when the boys were in primary school.  I found that having an activity to do on a playdate after kinder or school worked well, especially when it was a friend visiting for the first time.  Some kids are more easy to entertain than others!

Decorating cup cakes or cutting out biscuit shapes- the kids could then go & play, & come back to decorate the biccies- was always a hit. Or even something as simple as a good variety of bubble blowers worked well- outside in the backyard of course!

The hama beads proved a bit more tricky, so we used them more with just us! We had fun making Star Wars  decorations for the Christmas tree last year, and I made a heap of minecraft creeper badges for a handmade party bag for Tigerboy's 9th birthday ( gosh was it really that long ago?!)

Between spotlight, Ikea, op shops and an on line craft store, I have quite a collection of hama beads and frames 
Which came in handy recently when I decided to make some rainbow heart brooches- I got a bit carried away and made a dozen!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

2 great markets in Coburg tomorrow!

Merlynston craft market in Merlynston  ( Coburg north) and pre loved spring fashion fair at St Albans Church in Coburg West! 

Introducing " Edna"

The other weekend I got a phone call from my team leader at work. I did wonder why she was calling me on a Saturday- until she explained that she had spotted something on hard rubbish, and wondered if I might like it!
This is what she found-

I need to go to Bunnings & get a proper piece of dowel,  but luckily I have I sturdy metal base already from a previous hard rubbish find!
All the adjusting dials work, she just needs a bit of glue and a wash.

But a hat and an old tshirt will do for now!
I have named her Edna-because she comes from Moonee Ponds!!!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Brunswick fabric stores- "Unique fabrics"

I had to drop the youngest  to school after a 9am dental appointment today. so I figured since I was in the neighbourhood I would make a quick detour to Sydney Road.  There are several fabric stores near Albert st ( with parking available off Albert st either in the Woolies car park, or behind Bunnings). 

"Unique Fabrics" seem to have expanded and improved their range of fabrics, I'm guessing this was in response to the nearby Spotlight Brunswick closing.

They stock a range of dress fabrics, cottons, and suit fabrics, as well as a small range of stretch/ knit fabric in the back room.  I have found some lovely silk remnants in the remnant basket just inside the front door, and have made some cowl/ scarves - very handy for quick presents!
( but of course when I make a quick present I sew it, wrap it and hand it over- completely forgetting to take a photo first!!!)

My favourite fabrics in the store are these vintage upholstery fabrics - I think they are actually the real thing, not reproductions. Looks like no one is buying them though- they are reduced to $7 per metre, which is an absolute steal - I have seen similar fabrics for 5 times that if not more!  If only I had another vintage chair to recover - or room in my house to fit another chair!!!

Saturday, 2 September 2017

The colours of Spring

Some lovely Spring blooms spotted on  my morning walk today-

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Random August round up

Bargain box of coloured threads found in Aldi for $5 - handy for repairs & craft projects, can never have too many different coloured cottons!

New ( to me!) cookbooks - borrowed the " Outlander" cook book from the library, & copied a couple of recipes to try.

Yummy ginger & sesame seed slice from the slice cookbook.
Happy flower with 3kg weight inside- another make for work, based on the " Zelda Zinnia" pattern from  the " Simple Softies" book.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Crafty things to do this weekend and next

The Round she goes 2nd hand clothing market is on this Sunday in Coburg.

Brunswick North West PS have their winter magic market-
And next weekend the sister's market returns to Brunswick.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Ribbit ribbit

I need a frog for work ( as you do working with toddlers & preschoolers!) and couldn't find my favourite frog toy at work, so I quickly made one tonight ( when I should have been doing the dishes!).
The pattern is an old one, found in a book or possibly from the good old "Australian Women's Weekly". 
My mum made one when I was in primary school,  in 2 shades of blue, filled with budgie seed courtesy of our 2 pet budgies.
When I started high school I was in " blue" team, known as" Bates house" - the school was originally a girls' school, so the 4 house teams were Bates, Bronte, Nightingale and Chisolm. The blue frog was then named "Bates frog" and was taken to some school sports events in junior high as a team mascot.
I sewed the frog up on the machine before cutting it out, stuffed with some stuffing instead of seeds- I need it to be light so it can bounce around on a parachute or piece of blue fabric. 
I will try it out at playgroup tomorrow, singing along to "Der Glumph" and "5 green speckled frogs"!!!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

I call these my " Outlander" mitts

...they match my brown Outlander style cowl.  There are some great free patterns and ideas for Outlander inpspired knitting on the web! ( but I made up my own mitt/arm warmer pattern, it is just 2 rectangles after all!)

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Just play it loud, ok!

I know this satin fabric looks pretty loud, but that is ok because it will never be worn in public- it will be made into pj pants! My pj's tore when I got out of bed this morning, I made them a few years ago, & I cut them a bit too small, so I didn't think they would last too long
  Plus the fabric was only $3 per metre from Anne's fabrics in Brunswick. Bargain!

Monday, 31 July 2017

"Finished" sewing

I finally got around to doing some sewing for work yesterday. I found this great black & white fabric- listed on the Rathdowne Fabrics facebook page back in March- as  "grand prix themed fabric". 

But in the Early Intervention field we also know it as "finished" fabric.  The picture symbol for "finished" looks rather  like a grand prix flag, and means that an activity is finished, or an object ( toy/game/ ipad etc) is " finished" or "not available". 

We often recomend that kinders and chilcare centres use a " finished" cloth to cover a table/ toy set when it it not in use, or to help with the transition from one activity to the next. For example " the puzzles are finished now- time to wash hands for snack time", accompanied by the auslan/ key word sign for " finish", picture card/ schedule for " wash hands"/ " snack time" ( or morning tea etc) and covering the puzzle table with a finished cloth.

I sewed up 10 finished cloths, and also made a reversable bag for teachers and therapists to use for sessions with clients.
iPad shown for scale- we often carry a range of toys/ games and assorted equipment to visits! 
Once items are taken out and used, the bag can be turned inside out and -
Ta-dah! It becomes a " finished" bag to put things back into once they are " finished" !

Saturday, 29 July 2017

2017 Craft & Quilt fair

Surrounded by crafty goodness at the craft show!

2 Dr Who fat quarters I bought at the show. Thinking I might make a new bag.

Beads and new necklace from a couple of stalls I head for each year.

Bobbin holders and long fabric clips from Vic Sew ( planning on making another quilt so thought longer clips might be handy). Vlieseline tape (for sewing new tee tops)-a bargain at  $5 each!