Friday, 8 December 2017

Op shop fabric finds

I had a few spare minutes on my way home today to duck into the Christ Church op shop in Essendon. I haven't been there for months, and only had about 10 minutes there today, as I was on my way to drop some donations off to Caroline Chisolm, a little further down the road.

I had a quick look through the dvd's and cd's, and found the soundtrack to  Star Wars 1 " The Phantom Menace". Score! ( pun intended!)
Then I remembered they have a fabric section - and look what I found - a great range of  quilting pieces, including some fat quarters, and a couple of nearly metre long pieces. A lovely selection of spots, stripes, small floral prints and some fun prints like the dressmaker model print ( top right). 


  1. I know! I kind of went a bit crazy and just kept adding bits to the pile!


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