Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Doggone crafty

Of course the big question is- have  I been sewing for our new dog? And of course the answer is YES! In fact the morning we were going to pick him up, I realised we needed something to tether him into the car, so I found a length of strapping tape I had selvaged from a broken backpack, sewed a hand hold loop to one one to loop it onto the metal bracket in the back of the car ( attachment points for a baby seat I think) and sewed a dog lead clip to the other end. 
I also spied a scrap of curtain fabric and whipped up a treats bag, with a Velcro loop to attach to my jeans. The Velcro is a bit loud and the family have quipped that we may end up with a version of Pavlov’s dog, with Jango starting to salivate every time he hears the Velcro rip sound!!!

And then there are 3 dog beds. I collected a single bed foam mattress from our wonderful local Good Karma Network a few weeks back. I cut it into 3, and covered each with fabric. The outdoor mat- on the step at the backdoor, is covered with a remnant of weatherproof outdoor fabric from Spotlight. 
The fluffy one is made from a child’s blanket - also a GKN find, it came with a soft toy I made into a weighted lap toy for work ( see recent post) . Unfortunately although I thought it would make a lovely soft dog bed, this one is not in regular use because Jango is a bit too fond of the fluffy fabric and wants to chew on it! 

There is a third one quickly covered in windcheater fabric today, because the scrap of black curtain fabric I first covered it is was (a) too slippery and (b) too hard to see a black dog on a black mat!
He obviously likes it better now as he has spent half the afternoon on it! The third mat now sits inside the house at  the back door - with a mat there on either side of the door he can see/ hear us most of the time.