Friday, 25 July 2014

Craft show stash & markets on tomorrow

Can you believe I did not buy a single skerick of fabric at the craft show last month? I bought some wooden beads - the flat ones on the left at the back were made into a necklace that very night and have been worn once or twice a week ever since! Lego ribbon will be turned into a key tag for the 10 year old, and the dinosaur ribbon will also be used for key tags.

Craft markets tomorrow- Sisters Market is back at the Brunswick town Hall, and the Finders Keepers market was on tonight and is on again tomorrow at the Royal Exhibition building. Melbourne Open House is on this weekend too.
Looking for a craft group/ the company of fellow crafters- come and join the Makers and Menders group at the Robinson Reserve Neighbourhood House, this Wednesday 7-9pm. Hope to see you there!

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Friday, 4 July 2014

Swoon scarf neck cardigan pattern

One of the big reasons why I love reading sewing and craft blogs is finding out about free sewing patterns, and reading people's reviews, suggestions and comments about sewing them up. Plus checking out photos of the finished item too of course! So when Lara at Thornberry posted about the Swoon Scarf Neck Cardigan, I was very excited- it was just what I was looking for. I have a similar RTW cardi, and was thinking about trying to draft a pattern from it. But no need, because the Swoon cardi is just right! Nice drape, relatively easy to sew - all done on the overlocker, and good for a range of fabrics.
I have worn the first quite a few times already- I had been searching in op shops for a nice "neutral" cardi or jacket for a few months, having identified a gap in my wardrobe. Well, now I have 2 handy neutral tones- a latte shade, and pale grey. And I just made a black one this morning too, ' cos you can never have too many black cardi's/ jackets! The photos are not very flattering, and the flash on my phone ( with a 10 year old photographer) gives a weird pinky glow for some reason...but at least you can see the shape of the jacket better than if it was on a coat hanger!

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