Tuesday, 26 July 2011


HIya, sorry things have been a abit slow on the blogging front, still having camera issues but I am going to play around with the camera again tonight; I have borrowed my camera from work to see if it will work.
Have actually been doing some sewing, one skirt and 3 bags so far. And one skirt made and completely unpicked too, but htat is another story.
Speaking of stories, have you seen this?...http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/books/noni-hazlehurst-reads-expletiveridden-childrens-book-20110713-1hd2s.html

I so want to give a copy of this book to anyone who is pregnant or just had a baby, but only someone I know really well incase they take offence! But for those of us with kids who have survived those mad, sleep deprived early years - the book is brilliant! Just soooo not suitable for children!

Are you coming to the CWPS Trivia Night? I have been busy with meetings on Monday nights which is why craft group has taken a back seat, sorry! But there is one more meeting next Monday, which I think I will skip out on and finally get to craft group. I really looking forward to the craft show this Thursday, so I think I will be well and truly craftily enthused to catch up with everyone at craft group next Monday!

Monday, 11 July 2011


well I said I would get there tonight, but the JediKid has gone to his grandparents for a sleepover, and they will be bringing him back today and staying for dinner, so I guess I will be staying home too!  

Anyway, is is just in my house, or do other people ever have  conversations like this:

Me in the kitchen: can you come here mate? (to the JediKid  playing in the lounge room)
JK: Awrrr
M: just need your help for a second please
JK: but Mum, there's a marsupial dragon, and he's about to fall into a 50 foot.....ohhh, whatever
(and indignantly come in to the kitchen)

So is this - 
a) quite a normal conversation between parent and 10yr old
b) what the???
c) are you concerned that your 10 yr old uses imperial and not metric measurement when discussing the size of an imaginary hole?

Just wondering......

OOPS - forgot to add in some crafty dates/info : check this out for some interesting craft action coming up in Brunswick-
The Melbourne Open House weekend is coming up soon, I'm sure you have seen it promoted on lots of trams; we had an amazing time in the city with the kids last year-

And of course the Quilt and Craft fair is coming up soon-

AND Brunswick North West PS are having a Winter Market on the SAME weekend too!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

School holidays so far...

No photos again sorry, our camera has had a hissy fit and decided it is not on speaking terms with out computer anymore.  And my emails are having major conniptions too.
First weekend of the hols we had a fantastic weekend away at Daylesford with some wonderful friends for our annual July  "family weeekend".  5 adults and 6 kids, we went to the farmers' market (wow, the size and colour of the veges for sale!), then onto the craft market, back for lunch and then a walk around the lake, and of course a visit to the amazing Book Barn 2nd hand book shop.
 Sunday the weather turned, so with another family to come and join us for the day, we packed up and headed to Castlemaine to catch the steam train to Maldon for the Food and wine festival. AMAZING dumplings and dim sims for lunch (although of the fantastic variety, there was only one without mushrooms (yuk!), but the one I did eat was so good, I went back for 2 more!
Back on the train - a much faster althoug slightly smellier diesel one this time, then we bib farewell to out fellow travellers and headed up to Bendigo to visit my family.

Friday, 1 July 2011

craft group in the school holidays

Monday 11th July, 7:30 at the Post office! I don't have any meetings in the school holidays, so I am definitely going to be there this time!