Monday, 11 July 2011


well I said I would get there tonight, but the JediKid has gone to his grandparents for a sleepover, and they will be bringing him back today and staying for dinner, so I guess I will be staying home too!  

Anyway, is is just in my house, or do other people ever have  conversations like this:

Me in the kitchen: can you come here mate? (to the JediKid  playing in the lounge room)
JK: Awrrr
M: just need your help for a second please
JK: but Mum, there's a marsupial dragon, and he's about to fall into a 50 foot.....ohhh, whatever
(and indignantly come in to the kitchen)

So is this - 
a) quite a normal conversation between parent and 10yr old
b) what the???
c) are you concerned that your 10 yr old uses imperial and not metric measurement when discussing the size of an imaginary hole?

Just wondering......

OOPS - forgot to add in some crafty dates/info : check this out for some interesting craft action coming up in Brunswick-
The Melbourne Open House weekend is coming up soon, I'm sure you have seen it promoted on lots of trams; we had an amazing time in the city with the kids last year-

And of course the Quilt and Craft fair is coming up soon-

AND Brunswick North West PS are having a Winter Market on the SAME weekend too!

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