Tuesday, 26 July 2011


HIya, sorry things have been a abit slow on the blogging front, still having camera issues but I am going to play around with the camera again tonight; I have borrowed my camera from work to see if it will work.
Have actually been doing some sewing, one skirt and 3 bags so far. And one skirt made and completely unpicked too, but htat is another story.
Speaking of stories, have you seen this?...http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/books/noni-hazlehurst-reads-expletiveridden-childrens-book-20110713-1hd2s.html

I so want to give a copy of this book to anyone who is pregnant or just had a baby, but only someone I know really well incase they take offence! But for those of us with kids who have survived those mad, sleep deprived early years - the book is brilliant! Just soooo not suitable for children!

Are you coming to the CWPS Trivia Night? I have been busy with meetings on Monday nights which is why craft group has taken a back seat, sorry! But there is one more meeting next Monday, which I think I will skip out on and finally get to craft group. I really looking forward to the craft show this Thursday, so I think I will be well and truly craftily enthused to catch up with everyone at craft group next Monday!

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