Sunday, 28 April 2019

Heathcote road trip

Autumn is indeed a fine time of year for a roadtrip Katie! Headed up the Hume to Heathcote today, dropping my neice back to her family (my sister was in Heathcote for a 10km run, well done sis!). It was a busy place between the runners and a couple of bus loads of tourists, there was a queue at both bakeries!

 I was the only customer in the old courthouse craft shop though. Full of lovely hand made goodness- quilts, dresses, knitted hats and cute baby booties, jams and more. Plus fabric, sewing notions, and Bendigo Woollen mills yarn. 

Hand  knitted head gear.

Quilt supplies room.

Love these colours together!

Plus there was a box of vintage knitting patterns- which of course is why I dedicate today's  road trip report to you, Katie!

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

op shop lovlies

An amazing collection  of old bottles.

Gorgeous vintage leather suitcases- just imagine the stories they could tell!

And a trip down memory lane - a basket full of 70's erasers! I remember having some of these in my primary school pencil case!  So sweet, but I left them for someone else to discover. ( ok I didn't leave all of them - I had to buy the Star Wars ones!!!)

Monday, 15 April 2019

knox quilt show

Some of the gorgeous quilts from the knox u3a quilt show on the weekend. And a test run to see if the update to the blogging app has worked and I can finally post again!