Sunday, 31 May 2020

Home Made Muesli Bars 1

I often get requests from workmates for my home made muesli bar recipe. Here is one of favourite go to recipes. Another post found lurking in drafts!
The super seedy bars are from " River Cottage Light  & Easy". They take a little bit more work because you have to lightly fry all the nuts/ seeds first. But they are sooo good! Mind you everyone else at home says they are too seedy- so all the more for me to eat! You can see my version on the post it, plus I sprinkle salt on top, and leave out the rosemary & chilli.

another sewing catch up

Falling behind with my posts lately! I made 2 jackets in the school holidays last year,  from one of my favourite inspiration books. Just found this post was sitting in drafts! Ignore the last paragraph which is about 7 months out of date now!

I just love the pictures, the stories, and of course the patterns! I traced the pilvi jacket, checked the size and shape against a couple of other jackets, and got cutting!

This is the 2nd one I made ( will have to find a photo of the 1st one - I was wearing it yesterday!)

I think it even looks a bit like the picture in the book!

I wore it to work the other day because we had a meeting with a delegation of teachers from Sweden, so I thought I would wear my jacket sewed with a pattern made by a designer from Sweden! ( plus I don't still have the ABBA t shirt I loved in primary school!!!)

Hip to be square #1

I bought this “ Pretty little patches” magazine years ago, and  liked the pattern for the “ Disappearing nine patch” quilt.

So started playing around with colours, and cutting out squares. Sewing squares together to make 9 patch squares. More next post - I can only write short posts, because I can’t see the bottom of the screen!

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Catching up

Looking for a photo on my iPad, I found these which I had taken on my work phone ( I was trying out the camera and comparing the photos to my phone). I attended statewide conference for Visiting Teachers in December last year, at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins. I couldn’t resist taking some photos of the gorgeous frocks on display - “The Art of Couture”, exhibition that “pays homage to Melbourne fashion icon Shirley Keon”. Beautiful! ( and the conference was good too!) 
I love how the patterns were displayed along with the dresses.