Sunday, 15 July 2018

Duck duck goose!

Apologies for the long gaps between posts lately, blogger is playing up, I write a post but when I publish it I only get the photos, and maybe the first sentence. So having to try starting the post on my phone- because that's where my photos are, then publishing the half done post, and finishing the writing on my tablet. Tedious!
Anyway, here goes my  4th attempt at writing this! 

Photos from our recent visit to the Melbourne Alpaca and Poultry Show. The former poultry building at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds is now the Masterchef studio, so the ducks, geese and chooks don't have a spot at the show in September anymore, and instead have their own show ( well, shared with the alpacas, who apparently aren't so keen on their noisy neighbours!) in July. 
We even came home with a free show bag- full of samples of different chookfood!

There were birds of all shapes and sizes, such as Indian runner ducks-
Lovely specked hens ( Wyandotte I think)
A duck impersonating a seagull...
Turkeys are certainly the largest birds on show, but not necessarily the most attractive- unless you are another turkey of course!
However, close up their plumage is actually rather gorgeous!
This sweet little hen was busy making a nest in her pen, carefully selecting just the right pieces of wood shavings for a tidy little nest.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Another quick quilt

I spent the weekend before last sewing up a new quilt, for a special new arrival.

Isn't she just gorgeous?!
Welcome baby Zoe, my husband's cousin's new baby.