Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Birthday party planning

It's all about Minecraft with the boys at the moment, so we are busy planning a 10th birthday party with a minecraft theme. There are plenty of ideas out there on the net, including some amazing looking cakes!
So far I have the piñata and party bags made & ready to go-

This is the quickest piñata I have ever made. Much as I love the paper mâché, creepers are cubes! So the quick version is made by covering an A4 photocopy paper box with plain paper, then pasting on random green squares & a face. Party bags are green paper bags, with a sharpie stencilled face! Too easy! Just waiting on the pearler beads to arrive now, to make some party bag goodies!

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Jeans bag

Recycled another pair of jeans for a special birthday present for a special 10 year old...

And thinking of making one of these for another special soon-to-be-10 year old! found on the indestructables website. Been looking up a lot of minecraft ideas for a themed birthday party!

By the way - the Sister's Market is on this Saturday 10-4at the Coburg Town Hall, Coburg Farmer's market at Coburg Nth PS is on Sat morning too.

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Monday, 12 August 2013

Mixed bag...

Firstly- free to good home-

DIY hair clips - you cover the solid piece with fabric, clip together - like self cover buttons. I taught myself to embroider grub roses, from a Women's Weekly or Family Circle craft story I'm sure- and made a few hair clips and things years ago. Like really years ago... Just found these unused clips, so if you want to make some hairclips (I'm sure they would look better in some bright funky fabric than the chambray & roses ones I used to make!), let me know.Otherwise they go to the opshop.
One still has the price ticket on it from "Bargain Box" fabrics! Ah, memories...

Speaking of op shops,I had a couple of interesting find recently. This intriguing little gadget, complete with instruction book

At first I thought it was a travel Spirograph set, but then I noticed the word "Janome" on the lid, which really got my attention! In fact it is a type of Spirograph kit- for a sewing machine! A "spiral stitcher" it is called. Haven't been game enough to try it out yet, I want to take it on to the Janome shop first to check if it will work on my machine, and find out how to work it. Would be effective on denim fabric I think, especially with the rainbow thread I am crazy about at the moment!

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Text talk pillows

1 finished (with buttons) and the other nearly done. Trying to think of another suitable "text" but all I can think of is "WTF" which is a little bit rude really! -although I'm sure people would buy one if I made it!
Does't show up so much in the photo, but the letters are zig-zagged on with rainbow thread - works really well against the denim. Only catch- I need to find a good clear sans serif font to use, too tricky to get all the corners right with this font! I used a pack of chipboard letters bought from the Fiskars garage sale a few years back, very handy for tracing around. But I think maybe Helvetica or something similar might be easier to sew!

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Friday, 2 August 2013

Craft markets in Coburg this weekend!

The "Round she goes" vintage market is on at the Coburg Town Hall this Sunday, 10 -3. And the Pentridge Farmer's and Artisans' market is also on Sunday, 9-2pm. Forecast is for 14 degrees and 60% chance of rain, which means a 50% chance I might venture outdoors this weekend!

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