Monday, 12 August 2013

Mixed bag...

Firstly- free to good home-

DIY hair clips - you cover the solid piece with fabric, clip together - like self cover buttons. I taught myself to embroider grub roses, from a Women's Weekly or Family Circle craft story I'm sure- and made a few hair clips and things years ago. Like really years ago... Just found these unused clips, so if you want to make some hairclips (I'm sure they would look better in some bright funky fabric than the chambray & roses ones I used to make!), let me know.Otherwise they go to the opshop.
One still has the price ticket on it from "Bargain Box" fabrics! Ah, memories...

Speaking of op shops,I had a couple of interesting find recently. This intriguing little gadget, complete with instruction book

At first I thought it was a travel Spirograph set, but then I noticed the word "Janome" on the lid, which really got my attention! In fact it is a type of Spirograph kit- for a sewing machine! A "spiral stitcher" it is called. Haven't been game enough to try it out yet, I want to take it on to the Janome shop first to check if it will work on my machine, and find out how to work it. Would be effective on denim fabric I think, especially with the rainbow thread I am crazy about at the moment!

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  1. Ash might want the clips. She has all the ones I used to wear in the 80s.


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