Thursday, 28 February 2019

Year of the dress part 5

Same pattern yet again, this time with some op shop fabric from the stash. I wasn't sure what to do with the fabric and nearly got rid of it ( back to the op shop!). Then I thought- what if I used the border for a dress? So I did! It has pockets, and a green zip at the back, mainly to add a bit of colour. Pockets too of course! Cool and comfy for the warm weather we had today.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

year of the dress part 4

This one is another favourite, it is so comfy to wear! The fabric is a lovely soft, drapey shirt/ suiting fabric, either an op shop find or from Rathdown Rems. The spotty blue bird print is from a bag of offcuts purchased from the Finki store on Sydney Road last year. Lucky there were a couple of largish pieces, enough to use for the centre contrast panel, and to make binding for the neck and sleeves. 

Of course it has pockets! -made from the left over scraps.

The "design feature" bird panel on the back hem is because somehow the back dress piece somehow just wasn't quite the right size, and was missing a bit from the corner!

year of the dress pt 3

This is my " as cheap as it gets!" dress. Op shop pattern 50c, fabric free. - found at hard rubbish! Zip was the most expensive part at $1.10 from the fabric shop on Sydney road opposite Super Cheap fabrics ( I don't go there often and can never remember the name, I know the sign is orange and white!

This was really a wearable muslin, I had to do a couple of joins in the back. And it was my practise run to try inseam pockets. ( 3 dresses in now I am getting better each time!)

The neckline didn't quite sit right, so I made 2 little tucks and called it a design feature!

Pattern is an older New Look "easy" number 6602. I cut and redrafted (and have since redrafted again, still tweaking the shape a little more) based on the lovely shift dress I picked up at the fabric restash last year (and have lived in, thank you mystery sewist who made it!).


The year of the dress pt 2

Another op shop make over, this one is a 70' or 80's Katies dress I found a couple of years ago.

I removed the drawstring neckline and waistband a while ago, but still wasn't quite happy with it.

It needed a bit of extra colour, and I wasn't happy with the waistband. Then I remembered I still had enough orange fabric to make another "sash" band, and tah dah, another make over done. The dresses are different enough I don't think it matters that I have 2 dresses with the same colour waistband!

Friday, 8 February 2019

The year of the dress pt 1

I decided last year I wanted to wear more dresses. But first I had to make some...and find some at the op shop! 

This is one of my favourites. It was a little too big so I took the sides in a bit. It had loops for a belt, but I unpicked them and made the orange tie belt instead. A $5 dress with $1 worth of fabric for the tie. Plus the orange tie tones down the pink a little!

test post - trying a new blog app


How cool is this home made vintage 60's dolls house? Spotted at an op shop recently! 

Trying a new blog app as blogger is a total failure. Several reviews for this app posted in Jan also said blogger not working, so relieved to know it is not just me having issues!