Sunday, 17 November 2019

one cake to rule them all

( of course if I had baked it in a ring tin then the title would have read " one ring cake etc". Which would have been a better play on words, if I thought of the title yesterday before I baked the cake and decided to write a post about it...)

Anyway- I have been baking this cake, from the Family Circle Kids' Cookbook for years. Like waay before I needed to bake allergy friendly egg free dairy free cakes. 
I have a couple of good gluten free cake recipes, but they have eggs in them. So I wondered if I could use gluten free flour in the recipe and pretty much cover all bases.
The result - yes! Chocolatey fudgy yum! Mixed in 5 minutes, baked in 35. Chocolate fudge cake for the win!

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Saturday sewing challenge...

Involves the kitchen scales, a funnel, and some bargain sand filled weights from kmart. 

Plus a couple of op shop toys.
Half an hour of mucking about and I have 4 weighted lap toys to use at work!