Thursday, 7 March 2019

Any one for breakfast?

I have tried to make yoghurt several times now. Long term readers may recall my one successful attempt a couple of years ago. But since then, fail fail fail! 

But we tend to eat through a 1 kilo tub in a week or two, and it is a big plastic tub going in the rubbish/ recycling. So I started looking up recipes again. I can't be bothered with the heating and cooling and measuring the exact temperature version. So I tried a recipe using a mix of a couple of spoons of easiyo mix, hot water and powdered milk, warmed in a thermos Failled again! ( the chooks enjoyed it!)

Then I spotted an easiyo kit at Savers for $4.50. I tried a new recipe with easiyo mix, powdered milk, cold water- sitting in boiling water in the easiyo. 5 minutes prep in the morning, then leave in the fridge overnight. 

Result? Yes! Actually yummy creamy yoghurt! I used an unsweetened vanilla mix, it is definitely not sweet but not as tart as greek yoghurt. Next time I might try half unsweetened half sweetened mix. Because yes there will be a next time!