Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Still here...

Still coughing, sneezing, going through boxes of tissues like they were growing on trees or something! I am sick of being sick! I have to get the wheat bags finished for tomorrow night, the owls all have faces now, just need to pin, fill & sew. The lovely Rachel from school & craft group has taken the plain bags ( and several kilos of wheat!) home to make the plain heat bags. I will try & so some sewing this afternoon. But I have a birthday present to finish first, ready for a special 8 year old birthday on Thursday. 
Here is the cat cushion I made for my niece's recent birthday (also 8). I made her brother the dog cushion, and found the cat pattern in an old "Women's Day Handcraft"  book -  1979!!!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Hand sewing help needed

 In my enthusiastic sewing efforts last week, I made some of these and cut out some more, they just need eyes hand sewn on, then I can pour in the barley and sew them up.
The owls have their wings sewn on, and eyes pinned on ready to be hand sewn, then likewise filled & finished.
They would be done now, but of course I woke up coughing & had no voice on Friday. Which turned into the flu. Which means I feel like utter crap. Today is the most coherent my brain has been for days. I am sooo over sleeping/dozing/even sitting on the couch. Haven't slept much because of trying to sleep on the couch at night, and the damn rabbit, I don't  think she does sleep - she eats, drinks, chews, jumps around all night (Monday night she actually broke one of the  ramps in her house, so I suppose she does have an excuse for being extra restless that night). 
Anyway, I was planning on having these all finished to have a mini craft stall at the book fair/art show next Wednesday. If anyone can help with some hand sewing, that would be great.  Let me know. I wouldn't dare touch a needle & thread just yet, I would  likely have  a coughing fit & poke myself in the eye!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Looking up...

5 mins after my H left for work this morning, the phone rang. "Go out the front and look at the clouds" he said. So we did (well, Tigerboy & I did, Jedikid was still in bed coughing). Still in my dressingown, I skipped across the road, managed to find an angle to avoid the powerlines, and snapped this! And how cool are these clouds, they were like big grey bubbles, never seen anything like it before.

Tell you what, with kids home sick & me not going to work, I have soooo got my craft mojo back! I have done more cutting & sewing in this last week than I have for ages. Cut out a dozen owls on Sunday (I think I am really getting the hang of the rotary cutter finally, made a strong cardboard template & cut out all the owls with it, thanks to Nikki for the tips in her terrific book! AND I made myself a sort of tunic top.
I bought the pattern at the craft show, I had admired it last year, and when I saw it there again this year, I  had to buy one. It is supposed to have sleeves, but I have been wanting to make a tunic top for ages, so played around with the pattern & the bias binding maker. I cut the long placket opening 7 it flops forward a bit much, so I sewed a cool red button half way along it tonight, hope it will sit better now. Planning on wearing it to work tomorrow. Had planned on wearing it with my black pants, but they haven't been out of the bottom of the drawer for a while (buried under several pairs of jeans) and they had that funky smell unique to clothing found in the bottom of the drawer... I really need to finish taking up my new black jeans (which have been sitting in the mending pile since last year!)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Busy busy...

With no plans for the weekend, the youngest getting over a bug and the oldest coming down with one, we spent the weekend at home. I actually got lots of sewing & cutting out done. Even sorted out my folders of patterns, so I can actually find a pattern when I need it, without having to look through 6 books of random stuff 1st. Since I was home 2 days last week when Tigerboy was ill, this is like some kind of record for crafting for me! Photos tomorrow I promise, just too busy cutting & sewing today to stop & take any!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

School craft stall sewing

Aprons - cut out, demo model sewn - ready for someone to take home & sew up the other 7.

Baby "taggy" toys - next week's project. Still working out which is the best type of plastic to put inside to make that lovely crinky sound babies love!

Owl heat pack - demo model here, whizzed up on the machine - should have hand stitched/embroidered eyes.
Hope to have a few of these ready for a mini craft stall at the book fair later this month. Figure there is not much point trying to sell heat bags at the fete in summer!

Craft group next Monday 6th, in the PO cafe.