Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Hand sewing help needed

 In my enthusiastic sewing efforts last week, I made some of these and cut out some more, they just need eyes hand sewn on, then I can pour in the barley and sew them up.
The owls have their wings sewn on, and eyes pinned on ready to be hand sewn, then likewise filled & finished.
They would be done now, but of course I woke up coughing & had no voice on Friday. Which turned into the flu. Which means I feel like utter crap. Today is the most coherent my brain has been for days. I am sooo over sleeping/dozing/even sitting on the couch. Haven't slept much because of trying to sleep on the couch at night, and the damn rabbit, I don't  think she does sleep - she eats, drinks, chews, jumps around all night (Monday night she actually broke one of the  ramps in her house, so I suppose she does have an excuse for being extra restless that night). 
Anyway, I was planning on having these all finished to have a mini craft stall at the book fair/art show next Wednesday. If anyone can help with some hand sewing, that would be great.  Let me know. I wouldn't dare touch a needle & thread just yet, I would  likely have  a coughing fit & poke myself in the eye!

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