Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Looking up...

5 mins after my H left for work this morning, the phone rang. "Go out the front and look at the clouds" he said. So we did (well, Tigerboy & I did, Jedikid was still in bed coughing). Still in my dressingown, I skipped across the road, managed to find an angle to avoid the powerlines, and snapped this! And how cool are these clouds, they were like big grey bubbles, never seen anything like it before.

Tell you what, with kids home sick & me not going to work, I have soooo got my craft mojo back! I have done more cutting & sewing in this last week than I have for ages. Cut out a dozen owls on Sunday (I think I am really getting the hang of the rotary cutter finally, made a strong cardboard template & cut out all the owls with it, thanks to Nikki for the tips in her terrific book! AND I made myself a sort of tunic top.
I bought the pattern at the craft show, I had admired it last year, and when I saw it there again this year, I  had to buy one. It is supposed to have sleeves, but I have been wanting to make a tunic top for ages, so played around with the pattern & the bias binding maker. I cut the long placket opening 7 it flops forward a bit much, so I sewed a cool red button half way along it tonight, hope it will sit better now. Planning on wearing it to work tomorrow. Had planned on wearing it with my black pants, but they haven't been out of the bottom of the drawer for a while (buried under several pairs of jeans) and they had that funky smell unique to clothing found in the bottom of the drawer... I really need to finish taking up my new black jeans (which have been sitting in the mending pile since last year!)


  1. I saw that yesterday too! Cottonball clouds I said. I wondered what they meant. I had 2 kids home sick too. sounds like we had a similar day.

  2. "cottonball clouds" - I like that!


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