Monday, 27 January 2014

Rearranging the deck chairs...

Last day of holidays for me today, intended on doing lots of sewing but instead started on another job which had been on my holiday "to do" list-

I bought 2 deck chairs 2nd hand many years ago (can't actually remember where or when, before I moved to Melbourne I think). They are a bit wobbly and looking a bit tired, but are quite nice to sit on in the backyard, under the umbrella, with a cool drink and a good book.
First time they have been out of the shed for a couple of years actually, and the kids spent some of the earlier part of the hols (before it got too hot!) sitting on them reading too.
Stage one- a light sanding & wash. Stage 2- tinted timber oil. Stage 3- still to come, new fabric covers. I will leave the originals on - part of the structural support! and sew up some bright lightly padded covers which will attach to the frame with Velcro ties. Maybe next weekend...

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Colette Sorbetto sewing

I know I am a bit late to jump on the Sorbetto band wagon, but I only discovered the pattern a month or so back. Then between holiday trips away, a major sewing machine service, and last week's heat wave, I have not had a chance to sew for a while! Trying to make up for lost time a bit now, and with less than one week of holidays to go, I have made 2 Sorbetto tops, and have a third cut out!

The first is the green & yellow floral print, managed to squeeze out enough for one top (no front pleat, and a join across the back piece!). I bought the fabric several years ago to line a bag, one of my first attempts (and one of the first free patterns on the Ric Rac blog); it was probably from the clearance table at Spotlight.
The second - blue- top, is made from chambray left over from my "birdie" skirt, trimmed with fabric from a vintage sheet. Very pleased with my efforts, I even managed my first ever French seam on the sides of the blue one, and made all the binding tape. Found some great tips and pattern variations on sewing blogs via Pinterest - there is plenty of Colette Sorbetto love out there in the sewing world! And there is nothing like the buzz of trying a new pattern, and all the related challenges - exposed bias facing, French seams etc. and making a wearable item! Might have to get the overlocker out next and try out those t shirt patterns on my sewing "to do" list!

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Quick craft fix

I have been using calico shopping bags for 15+ years - since way back when it felt like I was the only person using them, I would get nasty comments & dirty looks from the shoppers behind me at the supermarket, because I was holding them up by packing my own bags - to which I would simply reply " pardon me, but I am just trying to SAVE the WORLD".
I much prefer calico to the "non woven material" ones from the supermarket, they don't last very long. Most of my oldest bags are still going strong, but the handles have worn out and so they are sitting in my sewing desk waiting to be fixed (but 3 or 4 have a hessian trim & handle combo, so still deciding how to fix them). If I find a calico one at an op shop - rare these days, as the non- woven ones have taken over- I grab it..but I don't necessarily want to walk around advertising some shop or product.
This one has been sitting in the sewing pile waiting for inspiration, which came today! I hate throwing things out, & had kept a bag of little scraps left from cutting out the iron on letters for my OMG & LOL cushions lat year. When I saw them today, bingo! Quick cover up for a department store logo! All I had to do was trim the edges and iron them on...

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Playing around...

Playing around with a new look for the blog. Trying to work up the energy to do some sewing. But as we are on day 3 of the forecast 4 days over 40, not much is happening in this part of Coburg except lying around on the couch watching tv. We don't have air con, just lots of fans, which is ok for 1 or 2 days, but once the house is hot that is it.  Roll on the cool change tomorrow night!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


iPad has just glictched twice trying to write this, so 3rd time lucky now I hope! I have been doing a spot of cooking from my new favourite cookbook-

Christmas present from my H! I even made jam, first time ever and it is SOOOO good! So good in fact, that we have managed to eat through the first jar in just 2 days! It works as a dessert sauce too, so a fair bit was dolloped on last night's waffles -

So I am planning on making a second batch today!

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