Saturday, 18 January 2014

Quick craft fix

I have been using calico shopping bags for 15+ years - since way back when it felt like I was the only person using them, I would get nasty comments & dirty looks from the shoppers behind me at the supermarket, because I was holding them up by packing my own bags - to which I would simply reply " pardon me, but I am just trying to SAVE the WORLD".
I much prefer calico to the "non woven material" ones from the supermarket, they don't last very long. Most of my oldest bags are still going strong, but the handles have worn out and so they are sitting in my sewing desk waiting to be fixed (but 3 or 4 have a hessian trim & handle combo, so still deciding how to fix them). If I find a calico one at an op shop - rare these days, as the non- woven ones have taken over- I grab it..but I don't necessarily want to walk around advertising some shop or product.
This one has been sitting in the sewing pile waiting for inspiration, which came today! I hate throwing things out, & had kept a bag of little scraps left from cutting out the iron on letters for my OMG & LOL cushions lat year. When I saw them today, bingo! Quick cover up for a department store logo! All I had to do was trim the edges and iron them on...

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