Monday, 27 January 2014

Rearranging the deck chairs...

Last day of holidays for me today, intended on doing lots of sewing but instead started on another job which had been on my holiday "to do" list-

I bought 2 deck chairs 2nd hand many years ago (can't actually remember where or when, before I moved to Melbourne I think). They are a bit wobbly and looking a bit tired, but are quite nice to sit on in the backyard, under the umbrella, with a cool drink and a good book.
First time they have been out of the shed for a couple of years actually, and the kids spent some of the earlier part of the hols (before it got too hot!) sitting on them reading too.
Stage one- a light sanding & wash. Stage 2- tinted timber oil. Stage 3- still to come, new fabric covers. I will leave the originals on - part of the structural support! and sew up some bright lightly padded covers which will attach to the frame with Velcro ties. Maybe next weekend...

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