Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Vintage fabric loveliness

Found some gorgeous vintage pillow cases and bed valances at my favourite little op shops in recent weeks. Unpicked ( the 2 valances were interesting to unpick. The main fabric was sort of thick muslin/ cheesecloth, rather odd!), washed and ready to be made into...

Kantha heart cushion cover maybe? - from Handmade Living mag (UK and sadly no longer in print - too much competition from too many other new UK craft mags).

And I love the vintage sheet picnic rug in Kate Ulman's "Vantastic" book (gave a copy to my sister for a belated birthday gift). Very tempted to make one or two of those. Christmas present idea maybe?

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hello kitty!

Bought this fantastic book at the Craft Fair, l love DK books so could not resist this one.

So many cute critters, where to start...? I hadn't done any knitting for a while, so the "knitten" pattern seemed like a good place to start. It is basically a rectangle for the body, and 2 teeny ones for the arms. The pattern only has button eyes for the face, but I had to add in a proper cat nose!

Miss Bunny said hello! (She did try to nibble on kitty's ear, I have to keep her away from my knitting, she always likes to have a taste of the wool!).

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