Monday, 27 July 2015

Going around in circles!

The Sussex St Neighbourhood House are holding an Artisans' Market on Sunday 23 August. I have put my name down for a stall, so I need to get sewing! So today I started sewing in circles- making some more rope bowls.

I coloured some rope a week ago, using some spray on tie dye paint bought on sale at Riot Art & Craft in the holidays. The plan is to make some more pin bowls and try painting on some dye as well. I sewed green bowl and the pink/ purple/ orange one on Saturday night (the footy was on tv!). Yesterday I couldn't figure out why my left hand was sore, especially my grip/ base of ny thumb. Then when I was sewing more bowls today, I figured out why! It is quite physical, holding the base of the bowl up at an angle, and feeding the new rope through with my right hand. Much more complex manipulation required compared to regular sewing!

I have been drawing circles too. Inspired by some images seen online a while ago, I finally got around to digging out the kids' Spirograph set.

I had the mega set when I was a kid, must find it and bring it home one day. I saw a new updated version of my set in Myers in the holidays, so Spirograph must really be making a comeback! This is a mini set I bought for the boys a few years back, and it is kind of fun!

Making some updated "calling cards".

Playing with colour combinations and patterns.

Now I think I need to go to Officeworks and buy some more gel pens...

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

A fantastic day out at the Craft & Quilt Fair 2015!

Just got home from the Craft Show! Had a lovely day out with my awesome crafty mate Linda and caught up with my sister & her BF at lunch time.
You know that funny thing when you are walking around at these sorts of events, and you keep seeing the same people? At the second stall in ( row A!) we chatted about crochet needles with a couple of lovely ladies - and then it seemed like every stall that we stopped to look at, we saw them again! Similar crafting interests! So by about the third aisle we thought " this is silly!" so we stopped for a chat and introduced ourselves. Turns out they are from a nearby suburb too! So "Hello" if you are reading! Hope to see you at craft group next Wednesday, 29 July, 7-9pm at Robinson Reserve Neighbourhood House.

Here are my goodies from the craft show - quite restrained I think ( note there is no fabric or wool, well 1 small piece of fabric, but it is a special craft kit - see below).

Project number 1 - I have been interested in sashiko stitching for some time, I remember first seeing it on the starashan blog a few years ago, (gorgeous skirts, screen printed tees etc. sold at Northcote craft market and Olive Grove in Sydney Rd). Have seen more on other craft blogs and craft magazines, and when I saw the pre-printed panels (enough for a cushion cover), I thought this looked like the easiest way to start, plus you could choose from navy or white linen, with a range of different prints, and a good variety of coloured threads, which is amazingly thick stuff. Might be a good easy to transport project to take to craft group too.

On my continuing search for mini pegs - the painted timber ones on the left have been working well, not to big and heavy, and fairly smooth and mostly non snagging. But I like the idea of the plastic clips - definitely no issues with snagging on fabric. I saw the clover ones at the craft show but was not prepared to pay $1+ a clip! ($12 for 10) But when I saw these at Vic Sew -$12 for 20) I snapped them up! Will have to get the overlocker out now & try the pegs out when making a new tee shirt.

And of course I could not resist this Dalek ribbon! The other one is printed with "handmade" so it can be cut up and used to make labels for handmade clothes!

Now I just need to find some crafting time.....

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

What to wear to a wedding...?

This has been the main topic of conversation during lunch at work this week. Our lovely physio Cheryl got married on Saturday, and our team at work were invited, but what to wear? I haven't been to a wedding for a few years, and not one in winter that I can recall. And we were warned that the church may not be overly warm ( although it turned out to be quite warm enough)

So...I had bought a gorgeous remnant from RR a few weeks ago, but had not gotten around to making anything, so I had a major sewing blitz late Thursday afternoon ( dinner was a bit late, but it was soup made earlier in the week, so easy to reheat & make toast for!). I cut out & sewed yet another modification of the Simplicity tee made in the holidays, again with a neck facing, but a smaller neck opening - no boat neck here.

The skirt had been cut out for weeks, so was put together quite quickly, with the sewing machine only used to topstitch the pockets, and attach the pocket pieces on the inside. Because I have gotten so used to skirts with pockets, I can't stand not having pockets now! Plus being a cold day, I needed somewhere to put my hands to warm them up! And I got to use the purple denim in reverse, for a flash of pink in the pocket lining!

Really should have put my sunnies on for the photo instead of squinting into to sun!

The wedding was lovely, the bride was beautiful, very elegant; and it was great fun to get all glammed up, and then take some fun photos after the wedding with work pals!

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Friday, 10 July 2015

School hols sewing 2 - ( aka I told you I had a thing for neon colours lately!)

Found this great neon off cut at Rathdowne Rems recently, there was also a black piece in the same fabric, and some yellow left over from making this, so there is a black/ yellow raglan top cut out & ready to make later today hopefully. Think the fabric was a bit heavy to sew with a facing, sits a bit funny but ok to wear like this with a polo shirt underneath. LOVE the bright colour for a winter's day!

* Hmmm note to self - really must buy some more black polish & shine up those poor old boots!

Monday, 6 July 2015

School holiday sewing June/ July - A Mandy, a Plantain and a mash-up.

Still playing around with stretch/ jersey fabric, I have made yet another Mandy top - beautifully soft jersey fabric from Anne's in Brunswick I think, yet to be worn...I loved the fabric in the shop, but I'm still debating if the loud print is " me" or not. Which is odd really, because I have a thing for bright neon lemon at the moment, although I suppose it is a different version of " loud"! Had to watch the pattern layout with this one, didn't want one of those big green " targets" sitting in the wrong place!

A Deer & Doe Plantain - I had forgotten that I had this pattern, hadn't used it before, but saw some posted by Lara at Thornberry (always inspiring!) so thought I would give it a go.

Another print, still to be worn. Can't remember where I found this, maybe Anne's again?

And thirdly, this is a mash up of a Simplicity 5867, re shaped slightly, with a facing added - using the facing and instructions from Burda 3197 as a guide, again inspired by Thornberry - the Liesel & Co. Maritime tee.
I had not thought of using a facing on a stratch neckline, but I quite like the different look it gives. Not perfect, not sure if I should have used interfacing or not ( and that is a whole other story), but I really like the fabric, $5 off-cut from Rathdowne Rems, lovely colour and weight. And yes I have worn this one!

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