Sunday, 19 July 2015

What to wear to a wedding...?

This has been the main topic of conversation during lunch at work this week. Our lovely physio Cheryl got married on Saturday, and our team at work were invited, but what to wear? I haven't been to a wedding for a few years, and not one in winter that I can recall. And we were warned that the church may not be overly warm ( although it turned out to be quite warm enough)

So...I had bought a gorgeous remnant from RR a few weeks ago, but had not gotten around to making anything, so I had a major sewing blitz late Thursday afternoon ( dinner was a bit late, but it was soup made earlier in the week, so easy to reheat & make toast for!). I cut out & sewed yet another modification of the Simplicity tee made in the holidays, again with a neck facing, but a smaller neck opening - no boat neck here.

The skirt had been cut out for weeks, so was put together quite quickly, with the sewing machine only used to topstitch the pockets, and attach the pocket pieces on the inside. Because I have gotten so used to skirts with pockets, I can't stand not having pockets now! Plus being a cold day, I needed somewhere to put my hands to warm them up! And I got to use the purple denim in reverse, for a flash of pink in the pocket lining!

Really should have put my sunnies on for the photo instead of squinting into to sun!

The wedding was lovely, the bride was beautiful, very elegant; and it was great fun to get all glammed up, and then take some fun photos after the wedding with work pals!

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