Monday, 6 July 2015

School holiday sewing June/ July - A Mandy, a Plantain and a mash-up.

Still playing around with stretch/ jersey fabric, I have made yet another Mandy top - beautifully soft jersey fabric from Anne's in Brunswick I think, yet to be worn...I loved the fabric in the shop, but I'm still debating if the loud print is " me" or not. Which is odd really, because I have a thing for bright neon lemon at the moment, although I suppose it is a different version of " loud"! Had to watch the pattern layout with this one, didn't want one of those big green " targets" sitting in the wrong place!

A Deer & Doe Plantain - I had forgotten that I had this pattern, hadn't used it before, but saw some posted by Lara at Thornberry (always inspiring!) so thought I would give it a go.

Another print, still to be worn. Can't remember where I found this, maybe Anne's again?

And thirdly, this is a mash up of a Simplicity 5867, re shaped slightly, with a facing added - using the facing and instructions from Burda 3197 as a guide, again inspired by Thornberry - the Liesel & Co. Maritime tee.
I had not thought of using a facing on a stratch neckline, but I quite like the different look it gives. Not perfect, not sure if I should have used interfacing or not ( and that is a whole other story), but I really like the fabric, $5 off-cut from Rathdowne Rems, lovely colour and weight. And yes I have worn this one!

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  1. I'm impressed you can get any sewing done in the school holidays!

  2. The secret is Lego, books and X box! And if the boys are hungry - they have to find some food themselves and eat at the kitchen bench because the table is covered in sewing stuff!


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