Thursday, 23 July 2015

A fantastic day out at the Craft & Quilt Fair 2015!

Just got home from the Craft Show! Had a lovely day out with my awesome crafty mate Linda and caught up with my sister & her BF at lunch time.
You know that funny thing when you are walking around at these sorts of events, and you keep seeing the same people? At the second stall in ( row A!) we chatted about crochet needles with a couple of lovely ladies - and then it seemed like every stall that we stopped to look at, we saw them again! Similar crafting interests! So by about the third aisle we thought " this is silly!" so we stopped for a chat and introduced ourselves. Turns out they are from a nearby suburb too! So "Hello" if you are reading! Hope to see you at craft group next Wednesday, 29 July, 7-9pm at Robinson Reserve Neighbourhood House.

Here are my goodies from the craft show - quite restrained I think ( note there is no fabric or wool, well 1 small piece of fabric, but it is a special craft kit - see below).

Project number 1 - I have been interested in sashiko stitching for some time, I remember first seeing it on the starashan blog a few years ago, (gorgeous skirts, screen printed tees etc. sold at Northcote craft market and Olive Grove in Sydney Rd). Have seen more on other craft blogs and craft magazines, and when I saw the pre-printed panels (enough for a cushion cover), I thought this looked like the easiest way to start, plus you could choose from navy or white linen, with a range of different prints, and a good variety of coloured threads, which is amazingly thick stuff. Might be a good easy to transport project to take to craft group too.

On my continuing search for mini pegs - the painted timber ones on the left have been working well, not to big and heavy, and fairly smooth and mostly non snagging. But I like the idea of the plastic clips - definitely no issues with snagging on fabric. I saw the clover ones at the craft show but was not prepared to pay $1+ a clip! ($12 for 10) But when I saw these at Vic Sew -$12 for 20) I snapped them up! Will have to get the overlocker out now & try the pegs out when making a new tee shirt.

And of course I could not resist this Dalek ribbon! The other one is printed with "handmade" so it can be cut up and used to make labels for handmade clothes!

Now I just need to find some crafting time.....

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  1. That's a very respectable stash of goodies given the temptation that must have been on display! I absolutely love that dalek ribbon, too.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. Ii was hard to walk by the gorgous TARDIS fabric and Star Wars ribbon, and when I saw the Lego ribbon I remembered that I bought some last year at the craft show and still haven't made it into a lanyard as planned!

  2. Glad to hear you had a good time there. I'm planning to go tomorrow, but the only report I'd heard so far was from someone who didn't enjoy the show at all.

  3. My answer is - it is all in the planning; I figure once you have been before and know the general mix of stalls, plus have a look on the website to see what is there, you have an idea of what you want to see, and know which stalls to walk past. Plus I had a list of things to look for for work, and stalls I definitely wanted to go to & shop at - Pearl & pretty beads, Coastal Treasures beads, and Vic Sew sewing supplies. Found what I was looking for -wearing a new necklace today made with beads bought yesterday AND had a great catch up with my friend! Only regret is not taking photos of some of the weird/ amazing special purpose sewing machines we saw!


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