Monday, 27 July 2015

Going around in circles!

The Sussex St Neighbourhood House are holding an Artisans' Market on Sunday 23 August. I have put my name down for a stall, so I need to get sewing! So today I started sewing in circles- making some more rope bowls.

I coloured some rope a week ago, using some spray on tie dye paint bought on sale at Riot Art & Craft in the holidays. The plan is to make some more pin bowls and try painting on some dye as well. I sewed green bowl and the pink/ purple/ orange one on Saturday night (the footy was on tv!). Yesterday I couldn't figure out why my left hand was sore, especially my grip/ base of ny thumb. Then when I was sewing more bowls today, I figured out why! It is quite physical, holding the base of the bowl up at an angle, and feeding the new rope through with my right hand. Much more complex manipulation required compared to regular sewing!

I have been drawing circles too. Inspired by some images seen online a while ago, I finally got around to digging out the kids' Spirograph set.

I had the mega set when I was a kid, must find it and bring it home one day. I saw a new updated version of my set in Myers in the holidays, so Spirograph must really be making a comeback! This is a mini set I bought for the boys a few years back, and it is kind of fun!

Making some updated "calling cards".

Playing with colour combinations and patterns.

Now I think I need to go to Officeworks and buy some more gel pens...

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  1. Your rope bowls are lovely. Thanks for the notice about the market! I was even at Sussex yesterday and I didn't notice anything about it.


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