Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Winter = knitting and making soup!

Winter is well and truly here, and I have become a bit obsessed with making soup! It was so cold yesterday, while I was playing around with fabrics & patterns & cutting out some new tops to make, I kept thinking " I really should have a pot of soup on!"
Needless to recipes were consulted, and a few extra ingredients added to the shopping list. We have been trying some new soup recipes lately Last week we made Red Lentil and vegetable ( couldn't find the recipe I had wanted to make, so ended up on taste.com & another recipe website. Easily adapted to be FODMAP friendly too - and oh so delicious! Just right to warm the family up after coming back from a morning fishing trip!

Yesterday I looked through "River Cottage Veg everyday" and made this soup- "Ribollita"

And knitting? I finished the chunky yarn scarf super quick!

Then I made this one with double yarn, nice and quick too, knitted up in about a week-

I also made a skirt, first time in ages, but have already worn it 3 times! 2 more cut out ready to sew next time. It was a $4.50 offcut from Rathdowne Remnants, only about half a metre, just big enough to make a skirt with pockets ( had to join pieces to line the pockets, but no one can see that!)

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