Monday, 1 June 2015

An amusing trip to Spotlight...

I was very cross with Spotlight for closing down the Brunswick store last year. The staff were always friendly and helpful, and I knew where to find everything - the store was in 2 halves, divided by a laneway, so I could ignore the first store, and pretty much only went to the " back" shop, which sold only fabric, sewing habby, curtain supplies, craft supplies and yarn.
Plus it was next to La Manna fruit & veg, with Woolies around the corner, so I could duck in to Spotlight, do the weekly shopping, & be back home in under an hour, or much less!
Anyway, I really can't be bothered trekking to another Spotlight in the middle of nowhere as they tend to be now, plus I just can't find my way around in the mega stores. But I had an end of the day work visit last week, which meant I had to drive past the newish Roxburgh Park Spotlight store on my way I decided to have a look.
When I did eventually find the fabric section - luggage labels anyone? Candles? Scented hand cream? I was starting to think I was in the wrong place, did they still actually sell fabric anymore? The store is laid out like Ikea, you basically have to follow the one path all the way through the store and go through every department to find the one you want! The fabric section is ridiculously small, but I did I did find some cute printed flannelette to make some funky heat bags out of, other bits & pieces, and a gorgeous neon fabric which I managed to wash, sew into a scarf and wear the very next day!

But the really funny part - when I was getting the fabric cut (and I really loathe the separate "cut" and "pay" counters system, ever since standing in the wrong queue for 10 minutes at Lincraft many years ago trying to buy 1m of ribbon, only to be told that I could not possibly have the ribbon measured and cut at the register, and would have to find the other counter and queue again over there. I didn't - I just left sans ribbon).

So this time the girl cutting my fabric is quite chatty, commenting on the funky flannel, & asking what I am going to make with it. I said some heat bags, a scarf with the neon, some T shirts with the printed jersey, and skirts from the corduroy. And her response - "Wow you can sew! That is so clever, I wish I could do that!"... I got pretty much the same reaction from the next girl at the " pay" counter when she commented on my knitted necklace, and I said I made it myself, along with my top & my bag. " you MADE it yourself?".

I laughed all the way home - i mean really, you work at SPOTLIGHT, but you are totally surprised that the customers buying FABRIC there know how to SEW! Sorry but - WTF?!?!

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  1. That is amazing! When I worked at Spotlight, I had to do a test of my knowledge of sewing to get the job. Back in the olden days!

    1. And I am guessing not many present day staff would pass if given that same test!


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