Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sewing patterns - new and old

New Look patterns were on special at Anne's fabric recently -

2 new jacket patterns to try. I have been making heaps of t shirts lately, so thought I needed a new challenge. I have a muslin of the pattern on the right cut out, the sleeveless brown version on the pattern. Hoping to make up in some lovely brown wool fabric.

On another day recently, I had to pick up something for work from the wonderful "Mind Alive" toy store in Essendon. So while planning a detour there on my way home, I made sure to allow a little extra time to nip into the church op shop near by. There was an entire MILK CRATE full of sewing patterns for 20c each!

Check out the McCalls pattern on the left - modelled by Brooke Shields! I like the pattern, maybe without the 80's hair style though! The centre pattern i bought for the t shirt, and the one on the right I will give to a friend with a tween-aged daughter.

I like the square necked knitwit top on the right, looks interesting. Not sure about the colours though! But that is the tricky bit with older sewing patterns, looking past the 80's colours, hairstyles and styling to see the cut and shape of the pattern!

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